Last conversation… 42

“We grew up so fast…”,she mumbled.

“Life teaches so much, Isn’t it?”There was a deep voice on the other side of the call.

“Hmmm true.”

“Oh come on.Don’t cry. It’s just that we won’t be able to talk much.”


“It’s not feasible to naa. I mean you are busy with your work. I am busy in my life. Doesn’t look nice to give clarification to people about our status. Isn’t it?”


“Stop crying please.”

“I am not crying.”

“Oh yes, Meera you can’t fool me! I don’t need video chat to feel.”


“Say something, dear.I know you are mature.”

“I don’t want to be.”

He laughed and her heart skipped a beat again.

Arunansh Banerjee and Meera Rai.

Childhood friends, best buddies and who were perfect for each other. Yet life had other plans.

Studying in the lovely valley of J&K where their fathers’ posted, they both went to the same school and initial college days.

Arunansh was the lean lanky studious guy whom every teacher considered to be the next topper who would make them proud.Introvert and warm personality. Artistic by nature, he was a darling of teachers.

Meera, on the other hand, was the fiery orator who was known for her off-beat take on society, religion and customs.She had an air around her, not of arrogance but don’t mess with me kind. Extrovert and confident.Poet at heart, she was apple of her teachers eyes.

Like chalk and cheese they were poles apart, but they were buddies who grew up together.

The moment they were with each other, they had a changed personality. Arunansh could share each and every thing with Meera and Meera needed Arunansh’s, “Yes”, for her weirdest of ideas!!

They complemented each other, all the way supporting, caring and loving each other.

Time passed and they both shifted to new places along with the transfer of their fathers.

Years passed and in an era of letter and telegrams and black rotatory dialer phones they lost touch.

They were friends, may be just a bit more.

They missed each other, but life kept them on the go.

Years passed.

Arunansh Banerjee was a successful young IT entrepreneur with a charismatic personality. Apart from his work, and small lovely family, his search for Meera kept him busy.

Yes, Meera the fiery orator got a bit mellowed, running an NGO for down trodden woman, she too  could make many weak in the knees but none could come at par with image in her heart.She had something missing.

15 years after they lost touch, friends book bought them face to face. It was as if they have never been away.

They had continents in between them but  still shared same warmth, affection and understanding. Some things never changed or they might had some thing more to themselves.

“Wow, Arunansh, I never realized that I miss talking to you so much.” She admitted the very next day of exchanging their numbers.

“Hmmm, Me too”

“Oh please, get over this Hmmm. Can’t you speak proper words?”

“You are talking, I am listening. ”

“I want you to , talk too.Tell me about family.”

“All well. Mom dad are with me. Shifted to US four years back.Just married last year. Doing good in business too.”

“Good. So you married quite recently?. ”

“Yes…Was searching for you but alas.”


“Don’t tell me that you didn’t knew this?”

“Ummm…..I was ….I mean….”

“Meera! Don’t loose the sheen of our friendship.We can say any thing to each other.Right?”


“Ok, tell me when you are getting married. Enough of of your NGO. Find someone.”

“That someone got married Arunansh. No one left for me now.”


Months passed.

The duo were busy in their lives and work but took out some time just to have a video chat over their favorite coffee. The aroma and warmth they both shared took every woes of their lives.The two friends shared an unspoken rapport with each other. Its been years they haven’t met but the physical presence was not expected by either of them.

But there unspoken rapport started creating rift in the happy world of Arunansh and today they decided to put a brake on their evening coffee sessions.

“You can give me a call or message me any time you need.OK!”


“Shall  I put down?”


Life teaches to come over every heart break. The two friends never called each other again.

Meera took up one day in a year to message.

Every year Arunansh phone buzzed on 6 july at 00  hrs IST

Happy Birthday Buddy

Thankyou dear!

Their connection was unbroken.

The chat box had  stored 20 birthday wishes. 20 years of care, longing and pain.

6 july 2016

It was way past midnight in India and  he was waiting. The chat box didn’t flashed her name.

He  decided to call finally, after their last conversation.

The phone buzzed and a young voice picked up.

‘Hello, is it 98********?”

“Yes,  ”

“Can I talk to Meera please”

“Sorry she isn’t available on this number anymore”

“What? She had been using this number since ages. Whom I am talking to?”

“Her daughter.”

“Oh!! I….I never knew she got married.Great. Nice to hear your voice beta.”

“I am adopted, but she is my mother”The voice had all the affection n pride for her mother.

“Oh! Stubborn she was.Can I talk to your mother please.”

“I told you.she isn’t available on this number anymore. ”


“She is no More”


“She wanted me to wish you today.But I allowed you to miss her once . I need this connection broken now so that she can rest in peace!”


“Happy Birthday Mr Arunansh Banerjee.”

“…………….” There was a deep sigh of silence.

“Can I put down?”

“Hmmmm….Whats your name?”

“My mother loved to call me……. Arunima!!”

The connection was still unbroken…






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Dating is cooler than a Relationship….Do you think so?? 1068

I am 101 % every one of you is going to agree with me on this – Dating is quite fun!! As it involves meeting new people, exploring new places with your gf/bf, the excitement of a new bond, those butterflies in the stomach. But during all this, somewhere deep down lays a sense of insecurity. Insecurity of losing your special someone because dating is not synonyms to the relationship. Where relationships have the commitment, dating doesn’t follow any such decree.

One of the most significant reasons that make dating cooler than relationships is commitment. It’s not easy to not make a connection and still be together. Many people think that settling down or being in a relationship can be boring, actually, they consider it as ‘Old school’. But you know what, if you never come under this league, perhaps, you will never experience the beauty of being in a relationship.

Relationships are not meant to be boring! In fact, being in a relationship makes your life beautiful and evolves you into a better individual.

Below are few reasons that’ll make you wonder how being in a relationship makes you a better person!

  1. A Relationship Rejuvenates You

Love is a very powerful feeling it makes us do things for others which we wouldn’t do for ourselves. A relationship changes you in a better person, your partner brings out the best in you. With your partner’s love and affection, they turn you into a better individual. Being in a relationship fills you with new hopes and aspirations.

  1. It changes your Attitude towards life

When single we usually only think about ourselves, act stubborn and resentful towards people and situations. But being in a relationship makes us think rationally and lowers down our ego and arrogance. It also invokes the sense of responsibility and a better understanding of life which we generally lack.

  1. You Start Feeling Good

The best part of being in a relationship is you start feeling happy and good about everything around. There is no space for stress or reasons to be depressed as two of you are always there to support each other and work towards the happiness of one another. Here, I would like to mention that this is the case of positive relations which are not forced.

  1. You Learn to Adjust

Every relationship demands adjustment, compromise, and sharing. When you get involved with someone the first thing which happens is you start adjusting according to your partners likes and dislikes. Slowly you start sharing your living space, you start making plans together and what not. being in a relationship teaches you how to express your love and care and how to keep your partners needs first.

  1. You Explore new things

The plus point of being in a relationship is your world expands, by this I mean you get to know about new things from you from a partner. You develop new likes and hobbies. You get exposed to a different kind of music, movies and if you both like reading then, books too ;). You also get a brand-new family and set of friends and cousins to hang out with.

  1. You feel Strong

Difficulties are part of life, we all face ups and downs, difficult situations in our lives. But having a partner by your side gives you the strength to fight any battle of life. Knowing that your partner has your back will give you the courage to go through any circumstances and come out with more positivity and belief that with that your partners help you can fight anything and everything

All relationships go through hell, only the real ones get through It …So, no matter how many girls or boys you have dated, there’ll come a time when you’ll realize the meaning of settling down with that special someone!

I want to spend some real time with you Ma but……!! 5674

A week passes by like a blink.

Being successful has its own Pro and cons. Success brings its own share of hiccups. You have to work hard to maintain it which takes a lot of your time! But who is complaining when you become a CEO at the age of 39.

Kabir Mehra, the young dynamic entrepreneur who took the market by storm and is climbing the success ladder from a middle-class background to a multi-crore turnover IT company.

Kabir Mehra’s journey might be taken as a fairy tale but it is his sheer grit determination and hard work which has taken him to this heights. He has always gone on record saying that his hard work and his parent’s blessings and determination is the reason of his success.

But right now he is in a bit of hurry. Coming out of his cabin and asking the assistant to take care for rest of the day, he hurriedly gets down the stairs.

Driver brings the car and he asks him to stay and take an off for a weekend. Getting into the car, taking out his blazer and loosening knot of the tie, he takes a deep breath, how he waits for the weekend to be just Kabir…not Kabir Mehra!!

A smile plays on his face and he passed his fingers through the thick mane of his. Putting in some music he puts the car into the gear as he has the weekend for him and her! Only two of them, like old times! He takes a deep breath of longingness.

Mumbai to Lonavala… is a wonderful drive and the feeling of meeting someone you love and crave to be together makes the drive enjoyable. After 2 hours he turned his car in the portico of her house. A lovely row-house with a beautifully done up garden where she was sitting reading her news paper. Her long beautiful hair was flowing in wind and she was dressed in her usual favorite white Chikankari dress.

Oh, how he missed her!!

He parked the car and looked around but she was still engrossed in her paper. He went and put his arms around her! Startled she looked back. The eyes met and she gave a wry smile.

“Oh come on! Not again!”Said Kabir

“Ok..let it be I know I should have come last week but I was busy.  And why are you sitting out wearing this summer dress ? The weather is changing, you will catch cold. Come let’s go in side. I will make a coffee for us.”

” You had eaten something. I baked a cake!” She said.

” Cake!! Wow..u remember to make a cake for me. Thank you”, elated he kissed her forehead.

“I will make nice coffee to go with the cake,” Kabir said enthusiastically.

“You sit. I will make. Guest don’t work in my home.” She said as she got up to the kitchen counter.

“Don’t say like that. I love you and you know that. Listen to your heart.” Kabir said holding her hand.

He made her sit near the kitchen counter chair where they generally sit and enjoy long conversation while cooking together. Today, she is a bit upset I guess.

He shrugged the thought and made two mugs of coffee just the way she likes. Hot and strong!

“So how is life?” Sipping his mug he asked

“You tell. People like you are busy in life with new things!” She said

He smiled looking into her eyes.  “Hmm I am busy with work but sometimes I feel I lost my self in the struggle of life and I wish to go back and be a child again.” Kabir said looking at her but she was lost in another world.

She is really upset with me, this time. “Let’s go out for dinner,” Kabir suggested.

” I am not going with you anywhere. I barely know you.” She said.

Kabir smiled and went on to his knees. ” Miss my name is Kabir and I came all the way from Mumbai to spend some time with you. Will you come for a dinner with me tonight.”

She was a bit confused yet there was something in Kabir’s eyes which touched her and she said yes.

They got ready and went out for dinner. Spent the evening talking about everything in the world. It was an evening well spent. The morning was beautiful. Kabir woke up to find himself sleeping next to her. The feeling was so satisfying and it felt as if the time should stop for some moments and he could enjoy the solitude with her.

He has to return today.

He got up and as the bell rang and the morning helper came. “Good morning Bhaiya, when you came.” the helper asked.

“Yesterday. Today I will be going back. Important meetings are there.”

She woke up and came out of a room. Kabir was sitting near kitchen counter.

“Kabir!!! When you came. You didn’t even inform?? “She came and hugged him tightly with moist eyes.

Kabir hugged her, even more, closer and could barely say” Good morning Ma”….

“Good morning my sonny boy. You at least tell me prior that you are coming.I can be ready. I was planning to bake a cake. And I would have cooked something nice.” Kabir was looking at her intimidated with her love in every word spoken.

“Ma today I am in hurry. Will come next weekend. Or you come with me NAA, please” he insisted.

“Kabir this is our house. With your childhood and your dad’s memory, I am more comfortable here. But why you come for this short time. Come at least for a day. You are busy but spend a night with me too,” she said in a loving complain.

Kabir looked at her and went to embrace her tightly “Next time Ma. I too want to spend some real time with you and sleep in your lap.”

The clock was ticking and Kabir wanted to prolong the hug before Mrs. Mehra again gets into her world created by deadly Alzheimer’s.