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Learn to say “NO”

Saying No is an art that many has to skill yet. It’s tougher to say ‘NO’ than it is to say ‘YES’.

The reason for the stressful life is that we don’t really say no to anything. Whether it’s a new business opportunity or a new task at workplace we simply add it to our to-do list.  But we simply don’t say ‘NO’ to it. We don’t say ‘NO’ for many reasons but above all, we don’t say it because we don’t know how to say it.

Whether it’s a workplace or a home, a business decision or a common day-to-day activity we all, at some point in time, face such a situation where we want to say,”no we don’t want to” but instead we say,” yes, we will do it”.

By doing this we add on to the long pile of responsibility and work.

We all fear to say  ‘No’ because we fear to lose. Lose friends, lose relationships, lose opportunities and more importantly we, fear to lose that image of ours- a Superhero image, a Multi-Tasker image.

In today’s time where there is so much stress, don’t kill yourself by adding more.

Instead of using phrases like,”No, I don’t think I can” or “I am not sure if I can”; say ‘No’ with confidence. Saying no isn’t a cowardly act. It doesn’t show that you are running from your responsibility rather it shows you value your present commitments and you know how to prioritise them and by saying no you want to give yourself a chance to successfully honour all of them.

Saying No with confidence also exhibits that you exert a great deal of self-control.

Saying No don’t cause any harm to your image rather it adds to your image. It shows you know your strengths and it also gives out a clear message, at a personal level, to your friends and loved ones that they should respect your boundaries.

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