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Don’t end my life before it begins,please let me come to life – your daughter.

Since the ancient time, women in the Indian society are considered as a curse for their family and society. Due to these reasons, female foeticide has been in practice for many years in the India from the time of technological advancement. How ethical is the removal of a healthy female fetus from the mother’s uterus just because the unborn child is female? Parents and society consider a girl child burden over them and understand that girls are consumers whereas boys are producers. There are lots of myths in the Indian society about girls from the ancient time that girls always take and boys always give.

This daughter’s day here is my little effort to shake those parents’ emotions in a form of a poem, for a daughter by a daughter-

Dear Maa,

This is me, your own flesh and blood calling you from within,

I know I still have time to come and see the things,

Give me a chance to survive as the world is already planning a sin.

I know the world is tough for girls,

And there are sins which have come to the brim,

But, with your support, I will survive.

Trust me, I will not be a burden and definitely not a liability,

Let me come to this world and become a part of your life.

I won’t ask for a special room, nor a special treatment,

Just the space in your heart will bring me contentment.

I won’t fight with my brother for gifts,

You can give him all, but, just give me life and a chance to survive.

I am still in your womb and can sense the terror of another case of female infanticide.

They may tell you that boys are strong and supportive,

Boys may be the torchbearer of strength but, they are fragile.

I know Maa, the strength of a woman is unmatched,

And you will have the courage to change the things from scratch.

Give me a chance to survive and give me the gift of life.


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