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To all those who throw their girl child in dustbins and cartons; and leave them to die OR kill them in the womb itself. I want to ask one simple question –

If your mother had been aborted, where would you be…??? ….. ???

A little bundle of nerves,
Senseless, formless, genderless,
Moving along the womb’s curves…
Creation of a new life is in the process.

Connected to its life-giver,
By just a single cord,
Being nurtured to become another,
Unique creation of the Lord.

As the weeks slowly pass,
Forms the little fingers and ears,
And even the smallest gain in mass,
Excites the mother to tears.

As its life depends completely on her,
Her life revolves around it too,
Caressing it like a delicate feather,
The joy of motherhood so blissful and true.

At the end of a few months, usually three,
Is when they actually come to know,
If it’s a he or a she, an asset or a liability,
And it’s when their true mentality would show.

When their love takes another form,
When parenthood considers the societal norm,
Where the girl is only a burden,
They want a boy to carry their turban.

O ignorant ones, stop being so blind,
Don’t be the ones deciding her fate,
Numerous bonds her love will bind,
She’ll love you back truly in your older state.

She’ll brighten up your life in a lovely way,
Her voice lighting up the house, serene yet loud,
You’ll find peace just by looking at her every day,
Oh yes, one day she’ll make you proud.

You’ll experience her motherhood someday,
Completing the circle of life as they say.

She’s a woman,
She’s strong, she’s brave,
She can fulfill everything you crave,
She’ll learn, and she’ll teach,
She’s capable of achieving what’s out of her reach,
She restores the balance in our world just fine,
She’s the last person you’d want to confine.

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