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Let’s take a U turn to the childhood and live like a child once again!

As we grow up we stop living a life. We become more like a robot who wakes up with the alarm (though snoozing it after several times). All that we do before the day ends become so mundane and we keep on doing it without even realising that we are living like a machine and not human. Don’t we?

When is the last time you have stopped to hear that lovely sound of chirping birds under the tree beneath which you were waiting for your office cab? Did you even notice that? Perhaps not, because your mind was continuously thinking of the to-do task which is pending at office and home.

Forget about the chirping birds.When was the last time you let the cool breeze caresses your face? Oh! I know how difficult it is for you to catch up on that early morning thing amidst your busy schedule. And yeah, I can understand how tired you are at night to even think of a cool breeze.

Let’s take a U-turn to the childhood. Let’s take a break from these mundane affairs of life. Let’s live again and this time like a child. And for this, you don’t have to wait for a vacation. You can do that while doing all your routine work.

Let’s stop for a while. Let little things amuse you. Chase the butterflies. Wake up just ten minutes early of your regular time and feel the cool breeze against your face. Wait for a while and take a break from your what’s app. See around you. Stare at the sky. Ain’t it beautiful? And more so when we can feel it moving.

Forget about the deadlines on weekend; be it about the bill payment, your children’s project work or anything. Just breathe life. Run till you are out of breath. Try to walk on your hands. Roll on the floor just for fun. Let the child in you enjoy.  Laugh uncontrollably.

Take as many pictures as you can take to capture the living moments. Take pictures for yourself and not for the social media. Pose stupidly for the camera or be a poser. Do what matters to you without worrying about being judged.

Stop judging others for their choices. Let’s run our own race without worrying about winning and losing. There is so much to a life than just winning the race. Between the fear of Winning and losing, life exists.

Let’s live our life fearlessly like a child without worrying about tomorrow. Let’s have a faith that whatever tomorrow will bring we will sort it out tomorrow.

Let’s celebrate life and not just exist.

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  1. Anjali Mayank Mishra

    Beautifully written & So true!

    • Rupali Saxena

      Thank you. And yes,thats so true. And we all have to break it and start living life and rather feeling grateful for the one.

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