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Life learning lessons by Bollywood.

Acclaimed as one of the biggest film industry of the world, Bollywood is the best. Isn’t it??

We all have grown watching Bollywood films. From Unlucky lovers and angry parents, love triangles, family attachments, sacrifice, crooked politicians, kidnappers, devious villains, courtesans with golden hearts, long-lost relatives, theatrical reversals of destiny to siblings estranged by fate, Bollywood features one and all. Though with time movies have changed and got matured, it still sometimes gives you your life learning lessons!!(Now I am going sarcastic)

After watching Bollywood for so many years now, I have learnt few of ‘those’ kind of lessons 😉

  1. When it rains, it is very important for you to throw everything and dance(‘Nachoo main aaj cham cham’) to rejuvenate yourself and feel fresh. Although I suggest you at least keep your wallets and mobiles safe so that you can get back home, once the rain stops and you are totally drenched. He he!!
  2. It’s necessary to dance on top of trains, buses or any moving vehicles when you are in love. I suggest you better join some dancing classes early on and learn some balancing acts on your feet just to be safe. 😉
  3. When a mother gives birth to twins; one is an angel and the other has to go a wrong way in life OR one of the twin gets separated and lost. So watch out ladies, if you are going to deliver twins.
  4. Do not worry if you ever have to defuse a bomb. After some thinking about red or blue or yellow, whichever wire you cut, you will do it right. Trust me on this! ….wink wink!
  5. When you just wake up from a coma, you can just pull out the IV tubes, toss on the million dollar jacket and run wherever you left before. You will do fine.
  6. If you have a son, name him Raj, Prem or Rahul. Only these both are the smartest, richest, powerful and cutest who will always win in anything.( Bollywood Khans rocks!!)
  7. All a boring husband needs to do is change his hairstyle, throw those spectacles and buy a new set of jeans to become a different man. Wife just cannot find out and you will become perfect ‘Rab ne bana di jodi’ types.
  8. When someone is drowning all you need to do is simply jump to save the person, even when you do not know swimming. Because the people staring at the first person drowning are going to pull you both out.
  9. If you are planning to call for a police, time it out wisely because you know, the police always come in the last or in the end of any event.
  10. The woman with too much makeup, high heels, and dark lipstick is always a stepmother or a villain. Think twice next time you want to buy a darker shade lipstick.;)
  11. We women, can sleep with all makeup and jewellery on and don’t worry about that 10k banarasi saree, you will not find even a crease on it in the morning.
  12. When you spend the little money you were left with on a medicine which is going to save a life and you are running in the rain ( I don’t know why Bollywood is obsessed with rain) the bottle always slips and falls on the ground, breaking into pieces. So I suggest never run in the rain with medicine in the hand. Catch a rickshaw boss! You will reach faster too.
  13. Women will be easily going to fall in love with a man who has an expensive alcoholic bottle in hand, a 5’0 Clock Shadow beard, old ripped jeans, and a sad look in the eyes. Really??… I wonder sometimes 😉

See, the Bollywood is the most charming, masala, and interesting movies to watch that teach us so many things. I am not sure if you have learnt anything from it or not, I definitely have learned my lessons. Is there anything else you learned that is not mentioned in my list.

If you think, there are few more to the list. Please share and let’s spread the gyaan together.

WARNING: These are the lessons strictly to be tried at your own risk. 😉

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