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Life Learning Lessons By Hollywood.

After learning from Bollywood (my last article ) I decided I need to increase my knowledge base and widen the learning and hence I shifted to the Hollywood. Of course Hollywood is a big deal and after watching Hollywood movies for some time now, here are some of the important lessons that are a must know for everyone. Again this is just for laughs. Ha ha!

  • Women detectives and FBI can run and catch the criminals in those killer high heels. Seriously, I hope these women give coaching classes on how to run in a killer shoe in their spare time. My advice- Don’t even try.
  • It’s a universal rule, do not ever kill a person once or even twice. A dead person is always going to wake up and come at you. So make sure you stab once, twice, thrice or even four times and still keep an eye to be sure.( Wink Wink)
  • If you just start dancing in the middle of the road with a guitar or any other musical instrument in the hand, all others in the road will join you and everyone knows the steps perfectly and in sync too. (Been dancing since ages and they must have had some practice)
  • All I can see or feel is the World is going to end pretty soon. Either the oceans are going to swallow us, Earth will be frozen, some huge fireball may kill the Earth or Earth is going to crack down into halves and all the life will be down and dead. Oh my God! So much of science here that it gives me a head spin and chills.
  • All people in US are FBI or CIA agent or some kind of a detective.He he, no other employment available. 😉
  • Everyone born in the US probably has a science lab in their basement and are fond of experimenting with science. Because often we see so many experiments gone wrong and made into a new Iron Man, Hollow Man, Hulk etc. Don’t try it at home.;)
  • It’s a world of vampires, werewolves etc and be careful because they like to fall in love with us humans and start a family and make babies. What if they get thirsty and suck all our blood? Yikes!!
  • US schools are all about only musicals, dancing, proms and mean girls. Seriously do they even have any classes with subjects where they actually teach the kids?
  • The aliens are in the borders of our Earth and are trying to invade us and take away everything that we have built until today, but they want to invade only the US. Ufffff thank God! Other countries are safe!!! Sigh!!
  • When an alien or a zombie is chasing you, and you find your car ready with its key in the ignition, be warned, it is never going to start. Be careful!
  • Never play a haunted puzzle or adventure games. It is more likely for them to come true. Just don’t play, I know you don’t want to get stuck in space or an African jungle. Do you?
  • Do not call someone’s name staring into the mirror. You probably might invite a bloody Marie or John into your bedroom. That sounds creepy even to imagine.
  • Every Nanny you hire has some weird plans of looting you and your husband or having an affair with your spouse. Seriously ladies, think before you hire a beautiful young woman for a nanny.
  • Life is all about you and me. There are no families involved at all. No brother and sisters, father and mother etc.

Well, with so many things movies are not bad for us after all, they teach us so many life savings lessons. What say, folks! Got some more to add? Make your list in the comments.

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