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Parenting Tips From Tom and Jerry!!

I believe there is no one who is not familiar with the Tom and Jerry cartoon program. Especially the adult generation of today. Most of us grew up enjoying this show on TV. We laughed our heart out every time Tom chased Jerry and of course the remarkable wit and intelligence of Jerry that helped in saving his life. There were no much dialogues and the entire show was probably these two running around the house, yet it is a show I would love to watch even today.

Every time my daughter switches to a cartoon channel while watching TV, all I see is the Doraemon series and there are so less good cartoon’s these days. However, have you ever observed what did the Tom and Jerry show teach us or what message did they give us? Wondering what can a cartoon teach other than just entertaining us? Here are a few tips for parents and life lessons that we can make our kids learn from these both legend cartoon characters.

Do not underestimate anyone based on their size

We all clearly know that, though Jerry being the teeny mouse always won even though Tom was bigger and more powerful than him. In life also, do not ever judge based on their size or power. Just because someone is taller, heavier or powerful does not mean you do not stand a chance in something. It all depends on the skills, knowledge, and intelligence you have to tackle.

Unity is Strength

Of course, both Tom and Jerry fought with each other always in the entire show. But when there was another third entry like a dog or any other common enemy to both, they always became friends shaking hands and fighting their enemy together. Now, that’s some serious life skill to learn that team work gives you the best results, isn’t it?

Dating Lessons

Although this is not a lesson for our dear children, definitely it can work for the adults. Tom had always been the charmer among the lady cats. Better you buy some Tom and Jerry DVD’s and watch the show again as for how to impress the lady on the first date. Warning: Make sure the Jerry of your life is not around to spoil your date.

Trust your loved ones and keep them

Just because a family member or a friend who might have made you feel sad with any misunderstandings, do not let them go. Forgive them and let them back in your life. Just like how Tom and Jerry kiss and make up in the end.

Friends stay through thick and thin

As much as they chase each other to cause bodily harm, both Jerry and Tom do not want each other dead. Every time when any one of them is seriously injured the other goes to help or to save. In other words, they actually cannot live without each other. What they tell us is, keep up those good friends and never lose them. Fighting, misunderstandings are part of a relationship, but in the end, the love what you have is all that matters.

Failures are stepping stone to success

Our tiniest friend Jerry never stops trying to trap Tom back and never gets intimidated by his size or let’s go easy. Every time he fails, he comes with a new plan and new idea. Exactly what we should do in life. Do not stop trying till you are successful in your attempts.

Face your problems with confidence

Noticed how Jerry walked out of its hole knowing that Tom was waiting outside to catch him? His confidence made Tom to be shocked and gave a way to escape route to Jerry. In life too, face your problems with confidence and think in a calm and rational mind. You will surely be able to solve it. You will definitely be able to find solutions.

Isn’t these are some of the best lessons we could learn? Tom and Jerry were sure the best cartoon show I have watched and I thank the entire team who made it. Though the show ended, we still can see some of the episodes on YouTube and other similar online channels. Hope you get inspire your kids and stay strong in life. Parenting today is not that easy nowadays. So, why not use all that we have to instill values into our kids?

Whoa! Writing about them made me watch the show again and am off to YouTube to watch an episode. I believe you like to share the article with your loved ones just so you could inspire them too. After all, Tom and Jerry also thought us that sharing is caring.

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  1. Shalini Prasad

    So thoughtful and so true. This has been my favorite show all along. Well analyzed Saroj. Good one. 🙂

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