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Love can take a wrong turn- #shutthephoneup!

Making videos is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second! Isn’t it??

And our smartphones has made it a child’s play. It is convenient than ever before to shoot every minute of your life and hang on to those memories a little longer. Let’s accept the fact that today life is unthinkable without a selfie, videos, and pics, but mind you guys it has it’s darker side too.

And we really need to be careful with what we store on our mobile phones.

This video is for all those who are in a habit of storing each moment of their lives on their phone….even the intimate ones.

Dear people, Why to make your life hell for that little fun? Why cause a lifelong embarrassment or distress for yourself? Your intimate moments are only for you to enjoy during those moments only. There is no need to make others enjoy them too later on.

No matter how secure you keep your phone there’s always a risk of someone else getting their hands on them. The malicious leaks often carry burdens of shame for the victim – who isn’t the person in the wrong.

Be careful!

Watch this excellent video by Manforce and….you know yourself!



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