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    Love..Love...What is Love?

    For me, the statement that Reading is a good habit is not only a sentence but a self-obvious truth. I read a lot. Anything..anywhere!! So under this obsession, I came across a simple facebook post of Jehangir Ali, who just asked one simple question ...What is Love?? and believe me there were more than 200 comments in it. I was amazed to read so many definitions a love can have. Since 14th Feb, Valentine day is around the corner, I would like to share few with you all. The comments I am sharing here are from people of all origins, religions, and faith, defining Love together.

    And they are as it is.

    Love is everything.......basic reason behind the creation of this universe.....unit of life.......

    Love is a feeling that makes you feel, you are the best in the world.

    Loves is mysterious... can't really be defined... it can only be felt. It's a song sang by two hearts that beat as one.

    Love is when two people touch each other soul.

    Love is when you care more about their happiness than you do your own.

    Love is waste of time

    Love is giving but not getting....!!!

    Love Is A Wonderful Phenomenon, Love Is Nature.

    Love is satisfaction.

    Love conquers all.

    To me, love is when two people have peace of mind together.

    Love is a Saturday night which makes you happy to feel tomorrow is Sunday. ...

    Love is respect, care, understanding, peace, satisfaction, wonderful feeling in the world

    Love is about caring, sharing being there in the rough and good times true stand forever

    Love is...sacrifice...

    Another way of killing yourself

    Love is a mutual self-giving which ends in self-recovery

    Something that you really can't translate into words. It's just something that you feel

    Love is life...fir woh country ke liye ho, parents ke liye ho ya phir special one ke liye..

    Love is seeing light in everything.

    God is love read the Bible

    Love is faith

    Love is HA HA HA !!!

    Love is cupcake

    Love is selfless

    It's a magic

    Love is all.

    Love is a simcard...

    Love is an ocean...

    Love is being selfless  to surrender completely for the ONE

    Love is everything no explanation

    Love is cruel

    The secret to life.

    Love is crucial, sensitive, and confidential... It shouldn't be spread and be unfold unto the virtual world.

    Love is priceless

    Love is treating another person as your own self.

    Love is a wonderful n magnetic word in the whole world... It's a compassionate, bonding feelings of souls...

    I compiled few, what would be yours....???



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    Love..Love...What is Love?