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Lucknow- a foodie’s paradise!

Food is something which brings people together to one table. It has come a long way from being the basic necessity of life to becoming a way of celebration, especially if we talk about the Indian context we have food for every occasion and every religion and when I say this I mean it.

I have always been a foodie and I live for the love of food. Being an Indian we cannot keep ourselves away from the taste of spices and what is more exciting about Indian food is that it has a new dash of flavour at every nook and cranny of the state.

If you are a die-hard food lover, India has a lot to offer and when we are talking about food how can we miss Lucknow.  After hearing the name of this city, two things that would have popped up in your mind would be Nawabon Ka Sheher and Tunday Kebab ; but my search made me explore few more flavours that make this city a hub for food lovers and if you plan to drop in here for a day or two, do not miss the following:

1. Tundey Ke kebab

This dish needs no introduction. It is a century old dish which has its lovers across the nation and abroad.

2. Prakash Ki kulfi

Any food is incomplete without a sweet dish, Prakash ki kulfi is an ultimate savoury for the people having a sweet tooth and even if you don’t, missing this dish from your list of food would be a sin.

3. Basket Chaat of Royal Café

As an Indian you cannot hide your love for chaat, it is something which is enjoyed equally by people of all age groups. The very famous basket Chaat of Royal Café is a scrumptious dish which has all the elements of chaat in one basket.

4. Idris Ki biryani

If you make a visit to Lucknow and miss the dum biryani,  it would be the biggest mistake. Do not forget to get your share of dum biryani from Idris. You would have heard a lot about Hyderabadi Dum Biryani but this one I swear is a serious competition to it.

5. Chicken Masala of Dastarkhan

You may find several dishes on the menu of this restaurant but their chicken masala should not be missed even if your stomach is full.

Well, the list is very long but I have handpicked these dishes which I have tasted myself and would like people to taste it when they come down to this city. Now that my taste buds have started to flood, I will continue in detail sometime soon but believe me, People call Lucknow as Nawabon ka Shahar, I would prefer calling it City for foodies instead.

Happy Eating !!! 🙂



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