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I wished my MOTHER… a Very Happy Father’s Day!

Did this sound astounding to you, well, this Father’s Day I thought of doing something different? This post of mine is dedicated to all the single mums’ and every mother who is single-handedly taking care of the responsibility of both, father and mother.

I know that there is no replacement of father and his strength but I could not resist myself to honour and celebrate those women who are all by themselves. Whether they are the single mum or women who have the responsibility to take care of their children all by themselves because of some reason or the other; they are the ones who are efficiently fulfilling the duties of both father and mother.

The kind of strength it demands from a woman to play the role of both is enigmatic and to describe it all in a few words is a daunting task. From waking up early in the morning to assisting your son and daughter to stand up to the bullies, a mother who does it all without a drop of sweat on her forehead is no less than a father.

I don’t know how you managed to cast yourself as my father when he was not around but I am sure it would have demanded a lot from you.

I know sometimes you would have felt weak and sometimes shattered to manage everything by yourself, but, not even once you made me feel that all this came in my way of growth.

The moment when you had to work late night and wake up early to drive me off to school, you never made me feel that it was tough for you.

I know you had been going through a lot and sometimes would miss having some time for yourself, but never did you let this emotion surface in front of me.

I never got a chance to tell you, but I know that when I was deep in my sleep, you would sit and look at me thinking that I am your whole world.

I know Maa,  that having a father is important, but with you by my side, I already have my father.

Maa, Happy Father’s Day !!!

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