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Magic is still all around.

The word Magic is of much importance in a childhood but as we grow up and get busy with our lives this word lose its importance.

As a child we all have believed in Santa Claus, Tooth fairies, Fairy tales, Cinderella and her fairy God Mother, Alice and her wonderland and what not.

My childhood was a magical era of my life where each night magic used to be all over in my grand ma’s room and all these characters used to come alive in my grandma’s stories. I still remember how I used to listen to those stories narrated by her with my wide open eyes and jaw dropped in awe.

The innocence of a child in me and the grandma’s way of narrating the stories made me believe them to be true. Not even for a nano second I thought them as a story and fiction.

One of my favourite stories was the Cinderella story. I loved to hear that how all her agony comes to an end when fairy God-mother helped her and she went to the ball party. The child in me always believed that fairy God-mother will always come to rescue me if I will be in any bad situation.

One day at school my friend shattered my belief and told me that these are all stories and are not true. I was heart broken to know this.That night I was upset with grand Ma for not telling me that all her stories are fake and not real. Though I still wanted to believe them to be real. I decided to go and ask her about it.

I guess, she always knew that one day I will ask her whether these stories are real or not.

She shared some pearl of her wisdom with me which I still hold as my priceless possessions.

She said, “These characters and the magic in these stories will remain true till you believe it to be true. If you will never stop believing in the magic they hold, the magic will never end”.

She further added,” my girl, when you will grow up you will have all the logics and reasons to believe that these stories are not true and magic doesn’t exist. But then also you should not lose your belief in magic because you will need a magic wand more when you will grow up than you need it now.”

I was perplexed at her answer but her words were comforting me so decided to let her continue and listened to her whole heartedly.

She told me that Magic works only when we believe in it. She said,”Not only that you will have to believe that it exists, the bigger thing is that you will have to believe that it exists within you. To bring it out you will have to believe in yourself. The magic will always be there in your life if you will have faith in yourself that no matter how bad the situation is you will come out of it. No matter how dark the night is, you will never stop fighting your fear of darkness till the dawn. The magic will continue till you believe in the magic within you.”

Now I am no more a child and my dear grand Ma is not there with me. But her words continue to be with me as her guidance at each step. I am glad that I still believe in magic. I do stumble, I do have nightmares but my belief in magic always keep me going forward.

I hope you, my readers, can believe in the magic within you to win over all the situations and hardships you have in your life.

Let the magic continue….

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