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Maid – the lifeline of Indian Household

Well, today it will be difficult to imagine a day without your house help. I am talking about the maids who work at your home. They are no less than the lifeline of your house, especially if you are working and blessed with little munchkin, the maids are a great help to you.

Many houses the age-old thought of treating them less of a human still prevails, they are the people who come daily to your house and most of the time go unnoticed. From sweeping the floor to dusting, scrubbing and cleaning everything is done this single person but most of the time their work go unnoticed.

Well, I don’t say that you should always appraise them or treat them too well but alt least give them the respect and honour they deserve. They too are human and your kind gesture will surely affect their performance.

Here I have enlisted a few things which can be done by you, although these are small acts of kindness but they will definitely leave a good impact on your house help.

1. Don’t use harsh language and abusive words. In most of the houses, people tend to treat their house help too bad and sometimes go a step ahead and physically abuse them as well. Understand the fact that they are also human life, just like you, they are also employed to you. Make sure that you talk to them politely and if they are wrong you can definitely tell them strictly but getting abusive is not the right way.

2. Smile at them and if possible appreciate their work- There no harm in showing appreciation to their work. If they are working well, appreciate them; if your cook has prepared some great food, tell him/her that it was fantastic. Trust me this works and they will definitely try to improve their work.

3. Ask them about their well-being- There is no harm asking your maid or servant about their health and well-being. They will feel connected to your family and will always be loyal to you.

4. Offer them food or snacks- Its not necessary that you should do it every day but once in a while, you can offer them a cup of tea or some snacks.

These kind gestures don’t demand money or any investment but just an effort to treat a human life as equal as yours.

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