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Make morning walk a fun and not just a routine.

Gym or regular workout might not be your cup of tea. And the good news is you don’t have to push yourself to go to the gym or undergo heavy workout to stay fit. You can do this by simple walking. Yes, a walk of 30 minutes a day is what you need to stay fit.

Walking at your pace amidst the cool morning breeze will refresh you and give needed boost to your day.  But you will have to make it fun and not something which you have to do like other mundane affairs.

Here are some tips to make walking fun along with some fitness goal:

  • Get yourself good sneakers: Walking without proper sneakers will do more harm than good. So the first thing you should do when you plan to start a walking regime is to buy yourself good sneakers.
  • Set a daily target: Once you are all set to walk, set a target for yourself. Setting a target will motivate you to accomplish it. The sense of accomplishment will inspire you to work hard.
  • Challenge yourself: After every week challenge yourself by setting the new target. Challenges will motivate you and will be good to shed those extra calories.
  • Meet people: Start making friends who can walk at your pace. As they say, walk alone if you have to walk fast but walk in a company if you have to go far. 
  • Photography: Yes, you can develop or hone your photography skills during your morning walks. It will make walking fun and alongside you can have some nice Kodak moments.

So now that you have got the tips to make walking fun, what are you waiting for…

Get Set Go..


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