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Meet a passionate Chocolatier!

Chocolates should never be wasted. Share if you want only, eat it literally with your hands and not in its cover, Messy! but the best everlasting feeling…

– says Smriti Bhatia, an IT professional by career and a chocolatier by choice.



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With her enthusiasm and passion for chocolates and immense desire to experiment with them, she is a chocolate entrepreneur since 2010 and believes in innovating stuff to make the addiction to chocolates, a bliss for all chocoholics.

Started her own venture Choco House in 2010, and shaping up new ideas since then to enhance the quality of her products to make them more attractive. The mantra of her success is her ability to compose something inside out beautiful that clicks taste buds with cosmic pleasure.

Creating almost anything with chocolate, in unimaginable flavors, diverse designs and themes for both chocolates and it’s packaging is what ‘Choco House’ is all about! Kill the mundane set of boxes and chocolates and get hands dirty into new stuff, is the call for today’s world. Establish something jaw dropping with your chocolate art,  personalize the blend of flavors a nd themes in a magical way is our foundation.

– she tells proudly.




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Themes like games made in chocolate, ice cream parlor made of chocolate, kitchen set,  poker set, jungle, emoticons, lover’s delight, women’s favorite things are few examples of how she connects with all chocolate lovers. Imagine receiving a platter of chocolate roses, basket of baby items crafted in chocolate!! Think of receiving a hamper comprising of Santa and his accessories, all made in chocolate !! Just not designs in chocolate, the packaging also will be aligned in the same theme to make it a perfect pack for you to gift !!

I wish somebody gifts me the same. Don’t you?

Though she is superbly busy in her own chocolate world but you can still find her on FB page or in her youtube videos or in Choco House at sector 50, Noida. She is a proud author of the book ‘The Chocolate Alphabet’ that shows her devotion and passion for work even more.

So guys next time you are planning to surprise anybody in your family or friend with a sweet, go for choco house. They will love you forever and trust me, you will start believing in Chocolate museums!

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