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The obvious answer to all your midnight cravings is Maggie. It is the absolute savior for most of us except the few diet-experts, of course! And we, the hostel dwellers understand its amazing essence in our lives unlike the ones who still get “Ma ke hathon ka Pyaar”. But, one day, if you don’t want to eat the boiled maggie anymore, what’s the second option for you?

Obviously, the well-cooked maggie, bud! I have brought you well-experienced and easy-to-make recipe of maggie in a new avatar without much of the raw materials. All you need is a pack of maggie, onion, chilies, and a boiled egg(you get them from the mess generally because the egg is the staple food!). Take a water in the water kettle, boil it and put the maggie in it. You should have cut the onions and chilies and add to the boiling maggie giving an effect of fried maggie! To garnish, keep the chopped onions, chilies, and sauce and slice the boiled egg into four pieces vertically.

Now, you’re all set to devour and satisfy your midnight hunger with a beautifully garnished Egg maggie!

Happy Maggie! <3

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