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Miraculous Love!!

She was in her blues. Melancholic, heartsick, failing day by day.

Love of her life was about to get married and her splintered heart was counting the broken pieces when accidentally she met “him”.

Tensed she stood outside an Indian store waiting for her taxi in states.  It was dusky and cold.

She thought of waiting inside the store than standing outside.

As she entered the store, her beauty and tensed face caught “his” attention. He was mesmerized by this Indian beauty. He was an Indian too.

She was looking drop dead gorgeous in her black dress. Her curls swirled around her face making her even more beautiful.

He could sense it from her behaviour that she needs help. She seemed lost and muddled. She was continuously looking outside.

He couldn’t stop himself and went to her.

“Are you looking for something, Madame?” he asked politely.

He scanned her face without even moving the eyelids. He was mesmerized even more. Her kohl black eyes looked sad but attractive.

“No, Thanks” she smiled back attentively and walked away.

It was getting late and her cab was nowhere around. Finally, she cancelled her cab and tried booking for another cab but she failed.

She was new to the city and had no clue whom to ask. So she went to ‘him’ and asked, “Actually, I need some help. Can you book a cab for me, I am new here and unable to book a cab”.

He gazed her for few seconds and said” I am a cab driver. I came here to buy some stuff. If you want I can run you down to your place. I mean you can book my cab”.

Her face brightens up.

“Sure”, she responded with a relief.

“Madame. Please wait for me outside the store. I’ll get the car. It’s parked on the other side”, he added.

“Okay”, she replied with calmness.

Her tensed face was little relaxed now.

Shining black car was at her services in seconds.

She sat inside the car. “Drop me at 250 Washington Avenue, please”, she said.

“Sure, Ma’am”, he replied with a twinkle on his face.

It was approximately 25 mins drive only but it became the most memorable one for him. He knew this might be the last time he is seeing her but he didn’t want to make her uncomfortable by driving through the long route.  So he took the normal route.

Where his eyes were busy praising her beauty, she was busy scrolling her phone with tears in her eyes.

“Madame, Can I play some music”, he interrupted.

“Sure”, she said softly.

He played some soft romantic Bollywood numbers.

She closed her eyes dipping herself in the melody of the music but tears kept rolling down from her eyes.

His heart was aching seeing her wet cheeks but he said nothing. He was thinking,“She is just a stranger then why can I feel the pain, why am I getting affected, why am I feeling this way, Why?”

After few minutes a voice interrupted her emotions. She opened her eyes.

“Madam here comes your destination”, he began writing something on the paper.

She thought he is giving her the receipt. “How much do I need to pay you?”, she asked in a hurry of rushing inside her hotel.

“Take this Madame”, he said.

As soon as she held the paper he drove away.

She was shocked. She immediately opened the paper to read what was written.

He stated:

I am not a cab driver but am ready to help you as and when required. I am owner of that store. Do visit again but with a smile on your face. Take care- Karan

She stood still for few seconds. She was awestruck. She felt sheepish.  Her face turned pink. She just couldn’t believe it happened.

That night she didn’t sleep at all. She often caught herself smiling.

Her heart didn’t count its broken pieces that night instead her heart kept on thinking about “An angel in disguise”.


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  1. Soumya Sudhakaran

    Amazing piece.. Waiting for more!! 😍

  2. Bhargav sidda


    Superb one !! 🙂 Would be waiting for more !!

  3. Shobhika John

    It’s all about destiny

  4. Shobhika John

    Must say a beautiful destiny

  5. Arshima Khan

    Lucky girl …☺

  6. Shweta

    Isme se kitna sach.. kitna story :p

  7. Harshit Walia

    Your articles are so real I mean they just make you visualise it your self what’s happening when I was reading it I was probably seeing it infront of me in characters

  8. Medha Chanana

    Vr well written .. loved it 🙂

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