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Mirror, mirror tell truth, am I the fairest of all?

Today while watching television, an advertisement grabbed my attention, it was a fairness cream ad; in a nation where the complexion of the maximum population falls in the dusky to wheatish complexion, there are companies who are trying to propagate the importance of fair colour.

What makes me wonder , is fairness so important, is it the only way to get success , be confident and the mother of all , only if you have a fair complexion you will be able to get a good life partner and look at the level of equality these advertisement show, whether you are dark man or dark woman you will not get a perfect match  but if you start using fairness cream then in a duration of just 15 days you will become handsome and if you are a girl, you will be no less than a princess.

I am not against any of these brands but the idea of propagating and propelling the importance of fair colour to reach the height of success is just meaningless. How does fair colour guarantee you an improved personality, better attitude towards life and make you more confident? If you are fair it’s good but being dusky or dark does not in any way hampers your personal or social growth. We already have so much disparity in our society and with such advertisement taking hold; the scenario will become even worse.

What’s worse is we have Bollywood actors and actresses promoting this idea. They are a public figure and as per my understanding if someone has the power to influence people and to make an impact in people’s life they should do it in a positive direction and not to preach and orthodox idea.

If you agree with me, please share this post and spread awareness that your skin colour is not a reflection of who you are.

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