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Why most of the mothers spoil their own daughter’s life.

The lady, who is supposed to support you the most, the creator of you; your mother is actually the one who snatch away your individuality when in the same situations your brother is termed right and you are wrong and advised to be a ‘Good girl’.

Yes, fellow women, it’s our mother, it’s we as mothers who are responsible for the mess that we have in our lives and our daughters will have in their lives.

1. It was just today at the pool when a 6-year-old boy had an argument with a 5-year-old girl and the girl started shouting at him. Without wanting to know the reason, the girl’s mother told her daughter…’  Don’t shout on bhaiya..Girls don’t shout like this.’

So right from childhood, your mother takes away the right to express your anger and objections just because you are a girl.

2. Your brother can bring his girlfriends home and even allowed to move to his room with them but your boyfriends are not allowed even to the living room, if you do so, your mother will raise one thousand questions. She not only distrusts you but also warns you not to do this ever again.

3. Once you are of marriageable age, you are expected and taught to satisfy your husband’s physical desires and fantasies whereas stats prove that 80% of females don’t even know what it feels to have an orgasm.

Being a female, you should not demand any physical pleasure because you are given such ‘sanskars’ by your mothers that thinking of physical pleasure will label you as shameless and unconscionable but your male counterpart has all the privileges.

4. When you give birth to a female child, and your in-laws curse you only for not giving them a ‘Ghar ka chirag’. Then why can’t you tell all those b**tards that it was their son who was incapable of passing on those chromosomes that lead to the birth of a male child?

It is so because our mothers prepare us mentally to quietly take all allegations n shit that elders give you after marriage.

5. You are not supposed to work late in office. And you even being competent, abide by these rules coz for a woman career is the last priority as ‘family comes first’ is the concept that we are brought up with, while all males can happily enjoy peak in their careers.

This is what we have been made and we are making our daughters, an individual with no rights to expression, independence, enjoyment, speech, fun, pleasure etc etc etc…..

So fellow mothers, it’s time to change your mindset so that your daughters are raised rightly. Don’t suppress your daughter’s freedom, let her raise voice against any wrong happening to her physically and emotionally, make her career conscious and financially independent, hear and respect her opinions; don’t set boundaries for her, let her decide for herself.

It’s time to teach your boys that even she is a complete individual, not just the other half.

Trust me, if you stand for her today, she will stand for herself and her daughter tomorrow. Mothers, only you have the power to bring this change and pass it on to generations to follow.

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