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Movie Review: CHEF

Rating: 3.0/5.0

Review By: Kanwaldeep Singh (KD)

A Simple & Beautiful Dish: by Chef Saif

It’s an honest adaptation of the Hollywood movie Chef and due credit is given to Jon Favreau before the movie starts, I was really happy to see that, if we are remaking, we are doing that honestly.

I happened to see that movie as well and it is still very fresh in my mind. So yes, I would do some comparisons.

It’s a nice, simple and a beautiful movie. Saif as The Chef delivers a powerful and an innocent performance in this Hindi remake. The story is not a complete copy, there is a lot of Indian Masala added to it, Saif’s early life of Chandni Chowk, his love for Chholley Bhatoorey, the Kerala country side and a trip to Amritsar, all add to the masala. They don’t even miss to touch upon an important point in Kerala, the gundaraj of the Unions, where they just demand money for doing nothing, it’s a hard truth and I know it’s true from some of my Mallu friends.

An impromptu Salsa sequence between Padmapriya and Saif at their home is a delight to watch.

What’s missing in this movie and what was present in the Hollywood flick is the concentration on Cooking, the innovation in dishes. I am a big time foodie and I love reviewing Food & Restaurants as well. The Hollywood movie gave me some serious serious food cravings. Jon Favreau was against the restaurantier as he didn’t let him innovate. I think Saif could have kept that part in the movie.

I didn’t feel the craving for food and didn’t see the food detailing being done in this movie.

Saif as Roshan Kalra from Chandani Chowk does the heavy lifting and is very honest, he does look a bit old, but well suited to the age being shown in the movie.

Padmapriva is a talented actress from the Malayalam Film Industry and does an excellent job of supporting both Saif and Swar.

The new kid on the block Swar Kamble who plays Saif’s son is extremely confident in his acting skills. The movie revolves around him and Saif and he does not disappoint even a bit.

Music is good and hummable, no lengthy songs and the length of the movie just over 2 hrs is perfect. 10-15 mins could have been adjusted to show some more masala like food innovation before Saif returns back to India.

Here I got a feeling that the director was in a hurry to resume shooting in India and so he brought the crew back by missing some scenes in the US.

Overall, it’s a nice movie, it’s a shame that it could collect only 1 Cr on its opening day, it definitely needs good word of mouth, I am doing my bit. Please do yours, if not by watching, then at least by sharing this review.


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