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Movie Review: Secret Superstar

An Emotional Journey to Stardom

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Can you fathom Anil Kapoor in the role of Jhakkasss fame saying “Wowww Whadda Movie, Waddaa mast picture, Ekdam Jhakkaaassss”

Now that you have visualized that, there’s a reason I picked up Anil Kapoor totally out of context here. Now just go back and watch the Secret Superstar trailer again, you will see a huge similarity between Aamir and Anil Kapoor, though I do agree it is not fair to compare Aamir to Anil I just felt of expressing what I felt. The role is also hugely reminiscent of the role Anil did in Taal.

It’s a beautiful and an emotional musical journey of a girl who sets her goal to be a famous singer but has to fight social evils mainly imposed by her strict and a cold father.

The movie revolves around Insiya, the female protagonist played by Zaira Wasim of Dangal fame who played the young Geeta Phogat. She was convincing then and she is stunning here.

Movie captures multiple moments, a girls first blush on her revelation of first love, her joy when she received her first laptop, her heart break when her father breaks her guitar, her desire to break barriers and make a mark for herself, her feelings for her mother, the fear of quarreling parents through the eyes of a small kid, the courage to fight injustice done by men, its both heart touching and heart warming.

Insiya’s mother played by Meher Vij, who was last seen in Bajrangi Bhaijan as Shahidas mother plays a pivotal role here. She is the source of Joy and Support in Insiya’s life. The Mother and Daughter bonding is shown beautifully, it brings tears to your eyes. Those beautiful moments of eye to eye communication, those teenage understanding between a mother and daughter, they just can’t be explained in words. You need to watch the excellence of both Meher Vij and Zaira Wasim unfold. It’s a treat to watch.

Aamir Khan, who plays controversial music director Shakti Kumar, has very little screen presence but seems to be enjoying his character, after a long time he let his hair styled the way it is and is as expected totally into the character. The first music audition he does with Insiya gives you goosebumps, the way Aamir reacts to that song, it chokes you a little bit.

Thereafter this movie takes a new turn, it is debatable the way Insiya gets along with Shakti Kumar so easily, but that’s something you don’t mind for the movie to unfold itself in a quick manner.

The last awards ceremony chokes you completely, you can’t fight with tears rolling down your cheeks.

Raj Arjun, who plays the father of Insiya, does a wonderful job in playing a cold father. His mere screen presence makes you uncomfortable, he is more than convincing.

Meher Vij is awesome, she lives and breathes Insiya’s mother. The chemistry between them and the choking moments are beautifully captured. Her character also touches a very important point of female foeticide and how she fought herself.

Zaira Wasim stands out and is a superstar, her joy, her fear, her blush, her cries and her anger stand apart, it has a class of its own, an actor is born and she is here to stay long.

Music is simply fantastic. The “Ammi” song is going to be the next Mothers Day song, beautifully rendered and sung. The “I Miss You” song puts you back into the memory lane and is more than hummable. The “Main Nachdi Phiran” song is the highlight and can’t be missed. All songs are hummable and I have already bought the album on iTunes.

All songs picturized on Insiya are actually sung by 16 yr old Meghna Mishra, this was important as Insiya is also shown as a teenager and fresh voice that sounded like the voice of a teenager was required. Aamir, as you know, is a perfectionist and he has lent a naturality here as well.

Director Advait Chandan, a debutant, has done great work.

This Diwali Weekend, do go and watch this movie, you won’t be disappointed, but yes you will getup teary eyed for sure.

Review by: Kanwaldeep Singh

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