Movie Review: Shubh Mangal Savdhan 1736

Rating: 3.5/5

Shubh Mangal Savdhan (SMS) is set in between two middle-class Delhi Families, who are Delhiite to the core, and the actors don’t make you feel out of place for once. Words like Ladki Ko Taadna, Tharki and that sudden ‘Teri Bhainn…’ ‘Bhains ki aankh’ ‘Jutte ki nok’ outbursts by not only the male but the female protagonists as well make it a superb and a hilarious ride for everyone, making it sound too real. The audience, at least in Delhi feels too close to the characters, I wouldn’t be surprised if they would even see themselves in them…LOL

(Please note that I am a Mumbaiite and proud to be one, Just kidding)

Talking about the story, it’s a fresh plot with superb dialogues and great timing. The movie revolves around erectile dysfunction without the use of the word pen*#s or any other low crass words (Facebook and other websites don’t allow this word to be used and so I had to mask it)

The problem is genuine and at the same time uncomfortable to bring about in the movie but the director Instead mines this opportunity by taking the comical route to explain it and trust me it’s a laughing riot in the theater. You literally can’t stop laughing.

The references of Ali Baba entering the Gufa which you also see in the trailers is one of the many excellences that the movie has in store for you.

The length of the movie is perfect, with just under 2 hrs it does not feel stretched and is fast paced, there is hardly any time wasted.

The second half of the movie towards the end tries to derail the movie by showing a small town simple Mudit playing a larger than life character by jumping off a cable car with a totally unnecessary Jimmy Shergil cameo. But the brilliant performances save the day for the movie and movie gets over in time for you to leave with a smile.

Seema Pahwa (coincidentally I share my last name with her ☺️) who plays Sugandhas, Bhumi’s, mother is brilliant. The scene where she drives an analogy to Arabian nights alibaba tale is too funny. Seemaji seems to be on a roll, two back to back brilliant performances after Bareilly ki Barfi and now SMS. She was also in the same role in Dum Lagake Haisha, but she has a meatier role here and does complete justice with her timing.

Brijendra Kala as Sugandhas uncle is hilarious as usual, I have always liked him from the Aloo Chat movie days. He has an innocent comic timing which is unique to him.

Ayushmann is great, playing Mudit, he does complete justice to the character and at no point, you feel he is over doing Mudit. You feel for him and you root for him, he is also on a roll with back to back brilliant performances from Bareilly Ki Barfi.

Bhumi, as Sugandha, is on a rout with three back to back super brilliant performances, Dum Lagake Haisha, Toilet EPK and now SMS. She is on fire in the movie and being a Mumbaiite she gets into the character of Dilliwali seamlessly and pulls off a stunning act, trust me it’s difficult to play a Dilliwali with you not actually being one.

Music is sober and hummable.

All in all, it’s a must watch movie, full of laughter, but watch out for the caution below.

Caution: You have to go with your spouse/friends only, YOU CANNOT TAKE YOUR PARENTS AND KIDS FOR THIS MOVIE PLEASE

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Movie Review: JUDWAA 2 127

It’s A Judwaa of a Judwaa, An Identical Twin is born, after 20 yrs

Rating: 3.0/5.0

Review By: Kanwaldeep Singh (KD)

David Dhavan creates an Identical Twin, it is a copy and paste, exactly like the theme of his hit movie Judwaa, ekdam Masaledar with a firangi tadka. Each and every dialogue with characters are a copy of the earlier movie, just find and replace Mumbai with London.

Big question is, did you enjoy Judwaa2 the same way you enjoyed the earlier one, the answer is, Yes, except that the Salman Khan starer had an element of innocence and guilelessness to it. I also saw the old movie after watching the new one, Salman was effortless in that.

But the fact is, if anyone else could have carried this role other than Salman Khan, it has to be only and only Varun Dhavan.

Secondly, many critics have asked this question, why and what was the need to re-create it in the first place? Well my son enjoyed it and forced me to download tan tana tan tan tan tara on my phone, and the show was houseful on a Sunday, people who have watched the earlier movie also enjoyed this one, it does make perfect business sense, so why not.

Don’t try to find logic in this movie, else you will waste your time criticising every scene, just let it flow and enjoy the one liners. The jokes do make you laugh and Varun’s gags on Salman and Shahrukh are just fabulous. His takes on Salman’s and Shahrukh’s dialogues are hilarious to the core.

Varun creates magic on screen, his timing is pitch perfect and it is him who takes the movie to another level, just like Salman did in the earlier movie. Varun does all the heavy lifting and does not miss out on showing his Abs time and again, exactly like…you got it right, I need not mention his name all the time…

The movie has an extremely strong supporting cast.

Rajpal Yadav replaces Shakti Kapoor as a Totla, yes even that’s not changed, and he does a fine job, those were difficult shoes to fill in and Shakti Kapoor was an actor at a different level, I don’t think there’s anyone today who could have as comic a timing as he had.

Anupam Kher has little screen presence, but it’s always great to see him on screen, he fills in for Kader Khan, and does an amazing work. Anupam Kher’s role in the last movie, that of police inspector along with Satish Shah was very key and meaty, that role is missing in this movie, Pavan Malhotra tried to do justice to that role but he doesn’t get the meat.

It was great to see Johnny Lever, although he has a 4-5 minutes role, but the entire theatre clapped when he appeared on screen, he is such a delight, just pure awesome comedy by him. Purely done justice to his role in Judwaa2.

Both the actresses look sizzling hot and convincing in their roles. They do the leg shaking and add the charm to the screen with their presence. Tapsee still has more screen presence as compared to Jaqueline but nothing much the actresses could do given the script, they do and play their part very well.

Varun is plain and simply awesome, the movie rests on his shoulders and he surely did a lot of gymming to carry that weight till the very end. He surely is the next Govinda/Salman combination of today’s generation.

Music is Wow, it just does not disappoint at any moment, great songs and the two repeated songs, Oonchi hai Building and Tan Tana Tan Tan Tan Taara are the songs I kept waiting for, the theater erupts in applause, and I am talking of good sophisticated crowd doing this.

Towards the end, Sallu Bhai appears and it is a delight for both the roles of Salman and Varun on screen making it a perfect ending for Judwaa2.

Judwaa2 does not disappoint, It is entertaining with complete masala and copy of the old movie, but you see, I have seen the old one and I still enjoyed this one.

David Dhavan needs to be given a high five for this.


Movie Review: Newton 170


It Would Take SEVERAL NEWTON’S To Change This Country 

Review by: Kanwaldeep Singh (KD)

Rating 3.0/5.0

This movie shows that it will take several Newton’s to change the mindset of this country and it also states that you have to have a NEWTON like mindset, that of bringing about a change, that you alone have the capability to bring about a change and that if You try to be Yourself You will be able to do it, No Matter What.

Newton is more of an offbeat movie. It is in fact, a series of questions. Questions on child marriage, on Naxals, on the fairness of Elections, on army safety, on honesty, on media and on TRUTH. There’s a statement in the movie which Sanjay Mishra makes, that of the importance of the name Newton, that it carries a lot of weight, Newton changed the world, he taught equality, it showed the world that if an Ambani and a Chaiwala jumps off the cliff, both would DIE together.

The movie is a satirical black comedy take on elections being held in a Naxalite affected area. But the plot of the movie is just a setup for asking difficult questions in a light-hearted manner. The strong star cast of the movie doesn’t let you down, the movie stands strong and relies on its performances, which is primarily Raj Kumar Rao and Pankaj Tripathi with the major heavy lifting done by Raj Kumar Rao.

Raj Kumar Rao is idealistic and wants everything to happen in an honest and just way, by books and as per rules. The movie exposes, or may I say asks a Question on the hype created on Naxalite affected area, it also asks questions on absolutely zero attention being given to people who are affected due to Army operations. It questions the govt’s involvement in settling these affected people, in looking after people and how some army men take advantage of these villagers.

Well there are lots and lots of questions but there are no answers, the movie is not meant for giving answers, the movie is questioning the authorities and it is important that this movie be seen by all officials and people across the globe to take a look at the apathy that election officials have to go through, but they still conduct elections with all its fairness.

There are some positives as well, and the positive is NEWTON. Newton with a Newton’s kind of mindset can actually bring about change, as mentioned above. If you are truthful and honest, you will be rewarded. It shows the world how our Election Commission conducts elections in remote areas and in what great difficulty they perform their duties. Hats-Off to such dedicated individuals.

The official entry into the OSCARS is totally justified. The story needs to be known to the world.

Raj Kumar Rao is excellent, he has set a new benchmark for himself, with a mind blowing performance in Bareily Ki Barfi, he comes up with an intense act which is nothing short of being BRILLIANT. He infuses life into the character of Newton and creates magic.

Pankaj Tripathi also seems to be on a roll. After superb performances in Bareily ki Barfi, Anarkali of Aarah, he excels in Newton with an awesome performance.

There is one more person who needs to be appreciated for his performance, our very own Mungeri Lal, Raghubir Yadav, he has significant screen presence and is always a joy whenever he is on screen with his satirical jokes.

The length of the movie is perfect, 1 hr 47 mins, with no songs and no nonsense, it makes it a one time watch.

On an entertainment factor this movie deserves 3 stars but if you ask me as a critique, this movie deserves at-least a 4 star rating. But since I normally give ratings based on the over-all Entertainment Factor and Masala in the movie, sorry there is no masala here, I have to give 3.

Review by: Kanwaldeep Singh.