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Movie Review: Shubh Mangal Savdhan

Rating: 3.5/5

Shubh Mangal Savdhan (SMS) is set in between two middle-class Delhi Families, who are Delhiite to the core, and the actors don’t make you feel out of place for once. Words like Ladki Ko Taadna, Tharki and that sudden ‘Teri Bhainn…’ ‘Bhains ki aankh’ ‘Jutte ki nok’ outbursts by not only the male but the female protagonists as well make it a superb and a hilarious ride for everyone, making it sound too real. The audience, at least in Delhi feels too close to the characters, I wouldn’t be surprised if they would even see themselves in them…LOL

(Please note that I am a Mumbaiite and proud to be one, Just kidding)

Talking about the story, it’s a fresh plot with superb dialogues and great timing. The movie revolves around erectile dysfunction without the use of the word pen*#s or any other low crass words (Facebook and other websites don’t allow this word to be used and so I had to mask it)

The problem is genuine and at the same time uncomfortable to bring about in the movie but the director Instead mines this opportunity by taking the comical route to explain it and trust me it’s a laughing riot in the theater. You literally can’t stop laughing.

The references of Ali Baba entering the Gufa which you also see in the trailers is one of the many excellences that the movie has in store for you.

The length of the movie is perfect, with just under 2 hrs it does not feel stretched and is fast paced, there is hardly any time wasted.

The second half of the movie towards the end tries to derail the movie by showing a small town simple Mudit playing a larger than life character by jumping off a cable car with a totally unnecessary Jimmy Shergil cameo. But the brilliant performances save the day for the movie and movie gets over in time for you to leave with a smile.

Seema Pahwa (coincidentally I share my last name with her ☺️) who plays Sugandhas, Bhumi’s, mother is brilliant. The scene where she drives an analogy to Arabian nights alibaba tale is too funny. Seemaji seems to be on a roll, two back to back brilliant performances after Bareilly ki Barfi and now SMS. She was also in the same role in Dum Lagake Haisha, but she has a meatier role here and does complete justice with her timing.

Brijendra Kala as Sugandhas uncle is hilarious as usual, I have always liked him from the Aloo Chat movie days. He has an innocent comic timing which is unique to him.

Ayushmann is great, playing Mudit, he does complete justice to the character and at no point, you feel he is over doing Mudit. You feel for him and you root for him, he is also on a roll with back to back brilliant performances from Bareilly Ki Barfi.

Bhumi, as Sugandha, is on a rout with three back to back super brilliant performances, Dum Lagake Haisha, Toilet EPK and now SMS. She is on fire in the movie and being a Mumbaiite she gets into the character of Dilliwali seamlessly and pulls off a stunning act, trust me it’s difficult to play a Dilliwali with you not actually being one.

Music is sober and hummable.

All in all, it’s a must watch movie, full of laughter, but watch out for the caution below.

Caution: You have to go with your spouse/friends only, YOU CANNOT TAKE YOUR PARENTS AND KIDS FOR THIS MOVIE PLEASE

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