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Movie Review: Tumhari Sulu

It’s Vidya’s Jadu in Tumhari Sulu

Rating: 3.0/5.0

When I was reviewing Simran I had compared Kangna with Sridevi, willing to take on the entire movie on her own shoulders, well, she’s not alone, we are privileged to have Vidya in the same gang as well.

Vidya dazzles and outshines every other actor in the movie. She is the heartbeat of the movie, without her screen presence movie feels lonely and incomplete.

In the movie, She is not beautiful, she is not hot, not sexy by any stretch of the imagination and she is plumpy, but you love her, she resembles and breathes life into a lower middle-class homemaker Sulochna, who you very quickly relate to. You get that distinct feel of naturality and originality that the director has been super successful in showcasing.

A great decision to not have any of the Bollywood lead actors play her husband, Manav Kaul, last seen in Jolly LLB2 as the wrong Iqbal who gets killed, delivers a great performance, whether being an obedient husband or displaying his displeasure and disagreement to his wife’s decisions, he surely does a very convincing role.

The song “Banja tu Meri rani tehnu mehal dava dunga” by Guru Randhawa is beautifully picturized between the two and is refreshing.

The movie starts with the two nagging sisters and a father continuously boasting about a Bank Job and criticizing Vidya for not completing her studies and not having a job. This sets up the premise for Sulu to always find something or the other to prove herself every time.

You find an extremely recognizable familiarity with Sulu who participates in radio contests, doesn’t mind asking for a TV in exchange of a cooker, sings on a call with RJ and much more…

She rocks with the Hawa Hawaai remix song and there you go, she announces herself as THe NEXT SRIDEVI, and rightly so.

Neha Dhupia as the strict head of Radio Channel is good and does justice with her role. She has very little to explore and fits in perfectly with the theme.

The movie touches a very important aspect of a working lady juggling between house chores and work, the continuous GUILT that she carries off a family neglect, kids studies getting affected, coming home late etc… are captured with precise direction…

The movie is fast-paced in the first half but gets dragged in the second, there were a lot of messages which could have been highlighted, but instead, a quick fix is applied to them and they are resolved.

The last scene between Sulu and Neha Dhupia makes you choke, the choke actually comes from an earlier scene, and continues to the wonderful and expressive submission of Sulu to Neha Dhupia.

All in all, a movie to be watched only for Vidya, the story could have been better.

Review by KD.

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