My first supernatural encounter 2

The other day, I was late from work. My boss was here and I had shit loads of work to do, so as expected, it was 11pm when I left my office for home. No cabs, no rickshaws. So I decided to take a walk.  Since my place was just four blocks from my office, walking was not a tedious task. It was a full moon night and the cool breeze was blowing, autumn was here but it made city looked dead at that time of the hour. No life, no traffic only long roads, unending roads. 

My belief in ghosts and the darkness made it worse.

I was crossing this dim-lit street with a lot of vegetation. I had always heard stories about this ghostly figure that was seen there. I was walking fast (just in case). Just when I thought that maybe today’s not the day, that the ‘ghost’ might just be sleeping in it’s humble abode and I was safe, I saw a girl coming from the opposite side of the street. She was walking on the wrong way, but that was the least of my concerns. 

I tried to avoid looking at her. But she was walking right towards me.

With each step, the distance between us was decreasing and my anxiousness, increasing. I was hoping it to be a nightmare, just a part of my imagination but everytime I looked up, I saw her, coming towards me. I pretended to be busy on my phone to avoid that stare, that ONE stare.

But she stopped, right in front of me, and asked me in a cold and hushed voice
“Excuse me, what’s the time?”

I froze, I couldn’t move my hands, couldn’t move any part of my body. I wanted to run as fast as I could, but couldn’t. I seemed to be rooted at that spot. 

She repeated her question.

I looked at my phone and replied “11:17.”

Still rooted, my heart skipped a beat as I answered her question, it might be a trigger to something I would regret saying all my life, I thought but said it anyway. I just wanted her to leave, the entire scene to be far far away from reality. All of the horror stories I have heard were coming back to me, my life flashed infront of me, and I thought of how my parents will never know how I died, how I will go missing and no one will know, and what all I wanted to achieve in my life. She looked at the moon and then at me, and she smiled.

“Thank you”, she said and started walking again. 

Dark circles, messy hair and lost. I walked away, as fast as I could. They told me never to look back if I manage to escape a ghost. Ufff! my curious mind did lure me to at least look back once, I did. Ah hell!! She was not there.

Oh my God! Why didn’t I learn Hanuman Chalisa when mum told me to do so. Please, God save me today and I will learn it, pakka promise…please..please!! , was all I had in my mind. Stop laughing, even you would have done the same.

So, I just Ran like P T Usha and locked myself in my room and went to bed immediately, forgetting the whole incident, or at least trying to but my mind wandered, going back the same moment, again and again, her hushed voice and that dreadful look. 

Was this finally…my dreaded encounter with a ghost??

Could have been, but my mind brought back the tiny detail of a book I saw in her hand, it was a  JEE ADVANCED book. And I wondered,” What a ghost has to do with engineering?”  Phew!! She was an engineering student. Lost and looking for coffee ( I suppose). 

Dara diya yaar!!! 😉


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Dating is cooler than a Relationship….Do you think so?? 1036

I am 101 % every one of you is going to agree with me on this – Dating is quite fun!! As it involves meeting new people, exploring new places with your gf/bf, the excitement of a new bond, those butterflies in the stomach. But during all this, somewhere deep down lays a sense of insecurity. Insecurity of losing your special someone because dating is not synonyms to the relationship. Where relationships have the commitment, dating doesn’t follow any such decree.

One of the most significant reasons that make dating cooler than relationships is commitment. It’s not easy to not make a connection and still be together. Many people think that settling down or being in a relationship can be boring, actually, they consider it as ‘Old school’. But you know what, if you never come under this league, perhaps, you will never experience the beauty of being in a relationship.

Relationships are not meant to be boring! In fact, being in a relationship makes your life beautiful and evolves you into a better individual.

Below are few reasons that’ll make you wonder how being in a relationship makes you a better person!

  1. A Relationship Rejuvenates You

Love is a very powerful feeling it makes us do things for others which we wouldn’t do for ourselves. A relationship changes you in a better person, your partner brings out the best in you. With your partner’s love and affection, they turn you into a better individual. Being in a relationship fills you with new hopes and aspirations.

  1. It changes your Attitude towards life

When single we usually only think about ourselves, act stubborn and resentful towards people and situations. But being in a relationship makes us think rationally and lowers down our ego and arrogance. It also invokes the sense of responsibility and a better understanding of life which we generally lack.

  1. You Start Feeling Good

The best part of being in a relationship is you start feeling happy and good about everything around. There is no space for stress or reasons to be depressed as two of you are always there to support each other and work towards the happiness of one another. Here, I would like to mention that this is the case of positive relations which are not forced.

  1. You Learn to Adjust

Every relationship demands adjustment, compromise, and sharing. When you get involved with someone the first thing which happens is you start adjusting according to your partners likes and dislikes. Slowly you start sharing your living space, you start making plans together and what not. being in a relationship teaches you how to express your love and care and how to keep your partners needs first.

  1. You Explore new things

The plus point of being in a relationship is your world expands, by this I mean you get to know about new things from you from a partner. You develop new likes and hobbies. You get exposed to a different kind of music, movies and if you both like reading then, books too ;). You also get a brand-new family and set of friends and cousins to hang out with.

  1. You feel Strong

Difficulties are part of life, we all face ups and downs, difficult situations in our lives. But having a partner by your side gives you the strength to fight any battle of life. Knowing that your partner has your back will give you the courage to go through any circumstances and come out with more positivity and belief that with that your partners help you can fight anything and everything

All relationships go through hell, only the real ones get through It …So, no matter how many girls or boys you have dated, there’ll come a time when you’ll realize the meaning of settling down with that special someone!

What Nirbhaya wants to appeal today for Praduman!! 4543

They ripped my body…

They ripped my dignity…..

They ripped my dreams…..

They ripped my life…………..and they are still alive…!!

If you remember me I am Nirbhaya, a girl who was brutally raped and left to die on 16th December’12’s night. I know it’s an old story now but I am here today because my soul is in pain and tormented once again…

I am suffocated, flustered and frightened too with news of Praduman brutally murdered and a little girl of 5yrs raped in their respective schools with in three days. My intestines were pulled outside my body and his throat was slit wide open….Oh Gosh!! You can’t imagine the pain and fear….Dictionary doesn’t and cannot have a word to describe what we went through..!

Okay, you said I was out for a movie at night… I was wrong and it was my mistake etc etc but I want to ask you today was Praduman also wrong in using a washroom of his school?? Was that little girl in a school uniform was wrongly dressed and out at a wrong time??

Please answer me……this goes to all those who are sitting on administrative chairs and are just concerned about how to remain seated on those positions forever. My question is to the lawmakers, to the ministers, to the officers….to the PM of this country.

Why can’t you frighten these monsters these devils like they frightened us? Me, Praduman…..&…&…

Yes, they frightened us to the extent that our souls are still trembling. Traumatize them…torture them as they did to us.

Where are you, the honorable human rights people?? Why don’t you stand with my and their and each such parent who has lost everything in their lives with us?

When you say ‘Human Rights’ its is for humans not for these demons. NO rapists have human rights…..

Give tortures ..give them trauma to the extent that each man with such sick mentality should get a shiver before even thinking of any such crime. Scare their souls…scare them to the hell…Do it NOW..NOW!

You named me…Nirbhaya(one who never fears)…let me tell you today…I was scared..really scared and I am scared today also. I am scared for each fellow girl…for each child out there…I am scared!

You made me celebrity over night. You named funds after me. No need of all this, if you really want to do something make your laws strict & deadly for rapists and molesters. No one should dare to touch anybody without his/her consent. Make my country safe for all women…for little ones. PLEASE!

Do what Yemen administration did to a child rapist and murderer. Punish them publicly…punish them as brutally as they were with us. It is my last appeal to you people.

Do it for me…for Praduman..for….for….

Do it so that there will be no more Nirbhayas and Pradumans…EVER!