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My love for winters…forever and always!!

Since forever.

Whenever someone asked me about my favorite season, my answer used to be and still is, winters. It is something about the chilly winds and lesser people on the road that really soothes my mind. I don’t have an emotional or strong reason to why I love winters so much, but over the years I have just developed a fondness towards this kind of weather which is ironic because I am not a mountain fan. Nevertheless, here are a few things I love about winters.

  • No sweating
    I sweat a lot and this season excuses me from all the sweatiness that I absolutely hate. No sweating and you can soak in the sun, just lie down on the grass and feel the heat, without the sweat 😛
  • Shopping, whenever and wherever
    No worries about the sun or the sweating, you can just go on and on without any worries.
  • No insects
    I hate insects of any sorts. period. And it gives me so much pleasure when they go into hibernation.
  • I can experiment with my clothes
    Hello gloves, scarves, boots, coats, fur, caps <3
  • Coziness is welcomed
    And can we ever get over all the cuddliness  and getting under the blankets in the winter.
  • Comfort of the bed
    Need I say anything more?
  • Bonfires <3
    The warm night, with a fire, friends and family, stories. pizza and/or home cooked food.
  • Gajar ka halwa
  • Thick fog and getting naughty
  • The drama of saying ‘winter is coming’
    Hi5 GoT lovers.
  • Warm beverages
    I am in love with tea and coffee. Sometimes I just need a cup and my mood goes from 0 to 100.
  • Love is in the air
    Indian Shaadi season, valentine’s week, new year’s, Christmas, so many festivals celebrating love and happiness during this season.

Now that winter is going, I feel sad. I feel sad that all the sweatiness is coming back, the insects are coming back and I am just missing it more and more with each day.  Somehow winter makes me think about life, during other seasons I end up being too busy with the other lame stuff but winter, winter is so perfect!!!!!

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