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I am dead inside coz my mother ruined my life

Yes, you read it right! My mother ruined my life. The first lady in our life, the mother, the creator of you whom you expect to support you the most can be the one who destroys your life.

I am 28yrs of age, an engineer by profession working with an international company in Banglore. At this age, good looks and a great package is all that you need to be on the seventh sky. I have both but I am depressed, disappointed and downhearted, only because of my mother.

It was in the year 2014 when I joined this company and met Noor. As the name says, she was beautiful! Beautiful inside out. And she was my boss.

I knew she is the one for me the very first day of my joining.

As the time passed, she also reciprocated the same feelings and we were in the most beautiful relationship that anybody can be in. After two years of courtship, we decided to introduce each other to our parents.

I met her family. Educated, decent and loving are the right words to describe them. They accepted our relationship. So, it was time to introduce Noor to my parents. I brought her home expecting my set of parents to react in a similar way as hers but that was my biggest mistake.

My mother rejected her straight away on the grounds that she was two years elder to me and was a Muslim.

Her beauty, her goodness and the fact that we were madly in love with each other didn’t matter at all.

I tried and tried but couldn’t convince my mother. She blackmailed me that if I continue my relationship with Noor, she will commit suicide. She even attempted once. All family, friends and people around started blaming me.

I had no choice left. I had to leave Noor, the love of my life. My life shattered. I could never imagine my life without Noor. Just couldn’t take her out of my thoughts.

And I decided to take revenge.

Now, though we are living in the same house, I don’t speak to her. I am living a hopeless and wretched life right in front of her eyes. Her handsome, only son is now a shaved head with dark circles and no zeal to live. I know that’s the biggest torture for any mother. She cries, she tries to talk to bring me back to life but I will not and can not give her that pleasure because I am dead inside.

She killed me, my feelings, my love, my dreams. I will continue living like this, punishing her till I breathe my last.

Why can’t parents let their children decide their future?

Why can’t they understand our feelings?

Why couldn’t I marry my love?

Why did my mother spoil my life??



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