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No Credit Card?… No worries! – You can still buy on EMI.

Well, there is an English Proverb,”Yesterday’s Luxury is Today’s Necessity”. And there are many luxurious gadgets in the market that are very useful in Today’s Generation. So what’s stopping you buying these gadgets? Money?

Well, there is a good news, you can opt for EMI option. Usually, for EMI option, you need a Credit Card. You just don’t have one? Don’t worry. Don’t give up upon your dream gadget.

Now here is a great idea for you. I came across a friend of mine who wanted to buy a MacBook but being a student he could not afford it. Then he told me about Finomena.

Finomena says,”Dare to Dream! Buy your favorite electronic gadgets and devices now and pay later in Flexible Monthly Installments. Easy installment plans without a credit card.” All they want to do is to help the people to fulfill their dream. They are helping to establish a virtuous economic growth cycle. There must be so many people who would have bought their first phone, first laptop… with their help. The whole feel of owning everything that we want is overwhelming. Isn’t it?

Believe me, for students like me, it is truly a saviour that brings a smile on our faces because without any stable income & credit card, the dream of owning that iPhone or that tab is really possible because of Finomena as the traditional and manual means are outraged. This really is an innovative idea, my heartiest congratulations to team Finomena.

So next time when you plan or desire to buy that favorite gadget of yours, do check out . It is all about being “Fenomenol”.

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