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No Goal is the Mantra!!

Oh! It’s getting over!!


Aren’t they beautiful, relaxing, rejuvenating?

Most of us are either back from holidays or are on to the countdown.The best part for me was the late night session of holidays.I am a nocturnal person with my creative energies high -” after the clock struck twelve kinds”.

So I keep jostling everyone for all the odd games over ice cream and later coffee too!!

Every one of us relishes these few days of break from the usual life.But for how long? Yes, the question is for how long we can live into the vacation mode?

Many of us are not able to get off from the work or can afford a destination holiday?

And not to forget the back to work blues!! Not only kids but we elders too just want to hold onto the time.

Can someone just reverse the clock? I could not enjoy!!

Yes, it’s sounding very us.Isn’t it? So what do we do?

In today’s  fast pace life, we have divided our days into schedules. We find it easy to achieve all ticks on our to-do list. In order to organize life, we sometimes over organize it to achieve goals not to be happy.

The happiness quotient is mostly missing in our day’s checklist or is at a very low level.Sometimes we are so busy in our day to day lives, fulfilling the needs of the hour that whether our action is giving happiness or not, rarely comes to mind.

Life is imperfect! No doubt about that. But aren’t these imperfections make the life a bit exciting.These imperfections give us a goal to achieve.

In midst of this imperfection try to find few perfect moments for yourself.Just make sure these moments give much-needed happiness, tranquility, and relaxation to your inner core.

Do anything, but make sure it’s a  routine, not a yearly or quarterly holiday affair.

Read, walk, listen to music, play music, paint, meet people, help someone, bake,  cook, meditate, chant, in short, do the activity which makes you fall in love with the life’s imperfections!!

Just keep some unorganized time for yourself. Keep the early mornings or late evenings for yourself. If you can afford a mid-afternoon me time go for it.

Just keep it simple.The mantra is “No goals to be achieved”.

So after this Sunday diary gear up to the after a holiday, daily dose of vacation to the inner self. Unleash the path which gives a smile on your face and you look forward to it eagerly.

Sunday Diaries wishes you a daily dose of soul vacation!!

Do give it a try.


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