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Nowadays, Impatience is setting new records.

“No no, I must say she is very PATIENT!”, I looked at the lady in pure chiffon white salwar kameez, as my friend mentioned about her at maternity home I went with her. Seriously, “Patient”, basically this word gave me first meaning, of somebody who is ill or suffering, and I looked at the lady with sympathy. I looked back at my friend, and she might read my mind, she said, ” You duffer, I mean I know her. She is full of patience. She handles her kids very nicely.” I thought, how come? I’m not at all patient in that sense, rather in any sense.

Way back from the hospital, after dropping my friend at her home, sitting in the cab, I went into deep thoughts. Actually, I heard this after long time, what?? that ” She is full of patience”.  I hardly know anyone around me full of patience nowadays. In one flash, reason shooted in my mind, and the name was our “Mobile Phone”.

Next few days, I researched on it and I must tell you, I was right on my guess. since the inception of mobile Phone in our lives, we all have become so impatient that we are setting new records in it.

Gone are the days of ” My piya gaye rangoon, wahan se kiyya hai telephone”. For talking of today’s scenarios” Piya’s”are asked to call at least ten times a day and if they step out for a journey, it is expected to keep their ladies updated about their every move. wink ! otherwise, ” Kahan ho, phone kyun ni kiya ” comes in thundering voice over the phone. Are you all ladies patient enough to wait for him to call you after 3-4 days, whenever he will find time and phone, like olden days…nahhh never.

Not only, ladies, for men also, in case they call home to say something to their wife, when in office or away for some work and she doesn’t reply, I tell you, they can ring several times, landlines, maid’s phone or even neighbour’s phone, to talk to her immediately. Yes, it is their love and worriedness for her well being when they are away, But isn’t it being impatient? Maybe she is sleeping or in middle of washing clothes, that she cannot pick her mobile phone.

Similarly, when your daughter and son are out of the home, with friends or for tuitions and then you find their phone switched off for a while, what is your reaction? You will dial every possible friend or teacher of their to find out where they are, how they are, what happened, why is phone off etcetera etcetera.

Here I do not want to discuss the girls and boys in relationship, because this mobile phone is enough to make them impatient enough and to fight every now and then because of the same, ” Tum mera phone ignore kar rahe ho, uthha te kyun nahi! ” no matter the other person is fixed in some serious problem. ” tumne mera phone kata kyun??” no matter, if the other person was driving… and what not.

We all are turning into ‘no patience’ creatures. We are so tied to our mobile phones, that we want everybody to be available on call, whenever we want. The situation is such that if any mobile phone rings near you, while you are travelling, or in hospital or bank or any public place. The owner of the phone may be not in hurry to pick the phone, we will definitely look at him and murmur in our mind ” chak le phone, why don’t you pick.” ..right

Yes, that is the reality. Harsh reality. It is time to take a serious note on it because not only our physical being is at risk with its usage but also our mental health is at stake.


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