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Online visibility – A life saving drug for your business!!

Since search behavior has rapidly changed from street to smart phone – from listening to music, to shopping, to booking restaurant reservations, and so on– almost every consumer activity has shifted to digital in some way so the businesses across all verticals really need to go where their audience is and that is ONLINE.

Myth: Every small business thinks that going online is to have a business website or e comm website.

Here you really need to understand that a business website is just like your printed brochure and an ecomm website is just like your printed catalogue. Now just ask yourself that can your printed stationary reach your customer on its own? NO not at all… so is your website.

Taking your website or ecomm to the customer is your advertising strategy where as getting your customer to it is your inbound marketing strategy.

Got scared of heavy words—advertising and marketing??
Don’t be….

Because here is a must have strategy for a small business to get all the benefits- that is Search + Social.

1. Optimize your business for local SEO .
2. Create social page for your business to give your audience an opportunity to follow you.
3. Keep posting about your products and services regularly.
4. Talk to your audience in real time by Google and FB apps.
5. Resolve and revert to all positive/negative feedbacks.

You must follow above points religiously and consistently to put your business in Google search and Social, where your big online competitors are already tapping the buyers.

If you can spare time and energy for this, do it yourself OR hire a knowledgable agency to get these done because when I say it is a life saving drug for your business…I really mean it !

(Do not expect a miracle overnight. It will take months of hard work.)

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