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Owls Are Not Just Creatures of The Night, Here’s Proof!

My mother wakes up quite early and she has never been able to wake me up before 9am, but today she came to me at 5.30am and said, “Shubhi, there’s an owl in our balcony, do you…” I jumped out of my bed even before she could finish! I had never seen a free owl in my life! I live in Gurgaon, we don’t even get to see sparrows here anymore!

Slowly, I tip-toed to the balcony and there it was, crouched behind mom’s kadhi patta plant, sleeping peacefully. I’d barely stepped into the balcony and it turned its head as if to say hello before going back to sleep. I kept checking every 10minutes for the next few hours. Never in my life have I been so excited to see a bird!

While I sipped my morning tea, it hopped onto the parapet, barely a metre away from me. I was so engrossed in not being able to get my eyes off this stunning creature! As the sun rose, our visitor decided to leave, but we shared quite a beautiful moment before that.

I came back to my room and the first thing I did was…hey you guessed it right!

I googled about it, an Owl, the amazing visitor I had. I was amazed to find out that Owls are solitary creatures, who sleep all day and prowl at night. Because of their nocturnal activity and screeching call, they have been associated with bad luck and death, leading to the conclusion that it is Alakshmi, Lakshmi’s elder twin, the goddess of strife and misfortune. And some say, Owl is a vehicle of Lakshmi; the goddess who is associated with wealth, power, and royal splendour.

And that do not end here,  because of its round eyes that never move and stare straight ahead, the owl has been associated with wisdom in many parts of the world, especially ancient Greece, where it was closely associated with Athena, goddess of wisdom.  What the ….!!!

Let it be, I thought. What I saw this morning was amazing. It was like Discovery channel Live in front of my eyes. 😉 The eye contact we shared for those 10 minutes was simply magical.

Oh Gosh!!I am late for my morning meeting. So, here I go, see you later!



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