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Plan Your Vacation Without Worrying About Your Pet

It’s a season of holidays with Christmas just finishing and the New Year of 2017 is just ahead to begin. Everyone sure has plans to travel, see places, enjoy some solitude and relax for few days before stepping into a new year. Some plan out of the country while few within the country.

Wherever the plans are, traveling to your dream place when you have an innocent pet around is difficult. Especially when they are smaller breeds.

This Christmas holidays, we decided to visit a holy place. Before I go ahead, let me introduce you to our family pet Bruno. Bruno is one-year-old Pug, male. When I say Pug, most get a picture of a cute and silent dog that makes no noise and quite friendly. While that stands true to most pug, alas! Not for our Bruno. He is very smart and intelligent but very scared around strangers and other dogs. Which makes him bark continuously though he does not harm others. People with dogs will understand how to deal with a scared dog but not all will get it, which adds to his fear.

So, when my family decided to visit this holy place (Manthralaya – A temple in the border of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka) everyone wanted me to come along and not to skip. The problem was my regular family with whom I leave Bruno to be taken care when I travel, also had plans of traveling and was unavailable on the same day. Now, I knew Bruno will not adjust with new people. I found the situation very difficult as I was not ready to leave him in a dog boarding kennel.

What made me write this experience today is that within a few days I was able to find three new families who could take care of Bruno. Surprisingly, our dog got along well with the people as well as their pet who was also a pug. You must be wondering …HOW?

This happened through a website I found great people on this site as pet sitters while you have to travel and I appreciate the efforts immensely. A lot of hosts have registered on this website are well experienced in taking care of dogs of different breeds and you can choose people in and around your place with the listings. People charge a fee on per day basis, so depending on your budget you can plan where to leave your pets. I am sure pet owners agree that our dogs are much dear and near to our hearts and want them to be in a place where they are loved and fed in our absence.

Waggle is one such service I found very useful and was able to find at least three families to take care of Bruno within a week before our travel plans. If you have travel plans but worried about your pet’s stay, you should check the website. The service is available in most Big cities of India.

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