Thinking of party – Please, do not disturb! 15

Hey, while I am writing this, I realize we are about to say goodbye to 2016 and welcome the New Year 2017 with parties and celebrations all around.

Thinking of party and having fun, made me remember a recent experience. It was the Dussehra holidays for the little ones in the family so we planned a short vacation in a resort in Bangalore called the RD’s Nature Retreat. With fun filled activities promised,  the excitement of kids was unimaginable. My daughter convinced her cousin to come along as they are of same age and love to enjoy together. The best attraction in the resort was staying a night in a tent house. I know it’s no big deal for us but for children, it was a great excitement.

As planned, we all packed and left for the resort. We loved the beautiful place filled with natural sceneries all around and many recreational activities and games. Kiddos loved the fun filled & playful day with activities such as rock climbing, rope walking, boating, mohawk walk, swing bridge, tyre walk, archery and finally rain dancing. By sunset, they were totally tired, yet were excited to sleep in a tent and were eager to experience it. Trust me, they even brought their sleeping bags from home which is actually used for camping trips.

We had our dinner and all got ready to sleep. The tent was put up ready in the evening by the resort helpers. Right before we all were settled in our cozy tent houses, a big group of bachelor youngsters came in two huge cars just to party and spend the night. As there was no other place, the resort people put up tents for these guys also, next to ours. That was a hell of a night after that. They started their campfire party with such loud music tha the noise was unbearable for us. With the acknowledgement of the fact that it was a paid public property, we waited until 1 AM. Kids could not sleep well and started to be afraid of the noise. Hence we requested the partying guys to keep sounds to minimal. A few laughed at us while a few tried to fight us. Fearing the safety, my husband called the resort manager and requested for a room. We all shifted to the room with shared beds and spent a horrible night. Kids were really disappointed.

Dear people, I am sharing this experience only to convey that while you party, be sensitive to your surroundings. There might young children; infants, an old person who might have a weak heart. Making noise and using substance abuse is not the only way of celebrating and having a party. Have fun, but ensure that you do not disturb the peace of others.

All I want to say is – Live Happily and Let Others Live Happily. Have a great year ahead!

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How I was Duped? 148

This happened many years back, probably in 2011, early months of my marriage. Till date, I still feel ashamed of my naivety. However, I would like to share my story with you all, hoping to warn, if you find yourself in any such a situation. Although I doubt anyone can be as stupid as me, but opportunist and cheaters are found everywhere. So be warned and be careful.

It was one of those busy and hot summer days and I was totally engrossed in my work at home when suddenly the door bell rang. I’ am always careful not opening the door to strangers and so opened the window to check who it was. There was a salesman who wanted to do a survey on a new toothbrush that was introduced into the market. He said he will give me three brand new toothbrush for free and he will be back after a week. I am supposed to use the brush and answer few questions for his survey. Along with that, he will also give me a ticket with a number which has a lucky draw. There were different prizes and if my ticket wins he will get the prizes along with him the next week. All in all, I thought there is no harm in taking those sealed brushes with the ticket. I took them and kept it aside and forgot all about it.

After a week, the same man appeared in front of my door again. I remembered him very well. He said I have won some gifts worth 800/- Rs items and he showed them all to me. He asked me for the ticket. I searched all around the house but in vain and told him that I have lost the lucky draw slip. He told me that there is another customer who have won a refrigerator and those people have shifted their house. He can give that lucky draw slip to me along with the other gifts that I have won and all I need to do is pay him 600/- Rs and I will be getting the refrigerator too. He said he will also give me his phone number and his office number if I need to check. For a moment I could not believe my luck and got carried away. For more than a year I was talking to my husband about buying a new refrigerator as ours was an old model and desperately wanted one.

Now, this man tells me that I would be getting a refrigerator of a lucky draw, was like a God sent a gift and I did not think further. Though I was doubtful, the man convinced me that I need to pay first as he needs to report about the changes in his office to send the refrigerator to my address. Finally, I gave in and paid him 600 Rs and took the other gifts. He said he will be back within an hour. Once he left, I had to finish some work. Later when I got free, I checked the other free items that he gave me and found them all used items and some of them broken though the packs were new. Then is when I realized of foul play and called the phone numbers he gave me. One of the numbers went to a gold shop and the other to a placement consultancy. I realized that I was duped by the salesman and there is no refrigerator on its way reaching our home.

I consoled myself thinking that I was lucky enough that the man did not hit me on my head and steal the house. I learned my lesson and since then I am always careful with people around who wants to sell something to us.

The True Face of a Resume!! 284

I am not sure how many of you believe in a resume but I for one, have never believed in one. It may sure tell us the educational details or some other information which a person can directly tell while in an interview. Sure it saves a lot of time, yet I wonder why an interviewer asks them again though. Such are the times our minds keep screaming “It’s already written in my CV, can’t you see it, sir/madam?” Oh! Well, our face might be deceptive at that time. A resume can never tell you so many things and a lot many times talented people may lose a chance of meeting their destiny or companies may not be able to hire good and talented people just because their resumes did not fancy the interviewer’s requirement. Given the chance to write one cool resume, what would you write? Here is mine.


To find a job that actually pays without asking me to work more than my limits, giving plenty of free time to relax and have a word with family and friends while I catch up with some of the work.

Personal Skills

a) I might be the first – in walking out of the office doors at the evening

b) The best talking and chatting companion you can ever find

c) cat-like reflexes- The moment you see me and decide there is something wrong in my work and needs discussion, Meow… I am not there.

d) I can sleep well any time of the day and anywhere.

e) I have good communication skills. By phone, by SMS, by group chats, by emails, and also through other Internet facilities that you provide.

f) I know my way around MS Word.


I am well experienced in any kind of arguments and can fairly win. I have a good experience in eating all kind of tasty vegetarian foods. I have good experience in trying to control gaining weight. I can tell you well as how to write a CV, just like this one. I am a good listener you see because I usually don’t try too hard to listen to what other person is talking. I am extremely good at researching on Google for information. Am a good dreamer, as I have spent most of my time in day-dreaming.


I can read and write. I am educated enough to understand the basic languages ( ie., Hindi, English, Kannada and so on).

I have fairly got through a degree without trying too hard to pay off my pockets. Half way through various other certificate programs. We shall discuss that when we meet.


Me- Because who else can tell you better about me than I?

There, now you know everything about me, lets meet and talk about some important things that I might have missed mentioning here and you can give me the joining papers. You can also share what would be my salary on joining without feeling much shy. I am quite friendly and adaptable person.

See Ya soon,


[Got any other crazy ideas for a resume. Share in the comments and let’s have a good laugh together]