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It was 2 pm on a hot summer day of May. Avantika was waiting for her kids to return from the school.

She was on the cleaning spree today and as she didn’t have a good sleep last night and so she was completely drained out of energy. She has looked at the wall clock for the 12th time in last 15 minutes. She wanted to dive into the bed as soon as her children get settled down in their books/toys after lunch.

Finally, they arrive at 2:20 pm. She ran to open the door and unlike other days when she demands her children to keep all their belongings in place, she did it herself so that she can sleep as early as she can. She was in the dire need of sleep.

Finally, at 3 pm both her girls were in their room quite settled down with their stuff.

Aha!! She said to herself and quickly went into the room. Turned on the AC set it to the preferred temperature adjust the pillow and off she went to sleep.

Just after 5 minutes, she heard the doorbell. She was quite irritated and went to open the door. The maid of Khurana Aunty (her neighbour) wanted some green chillies as Aunty has sent her to get it from Avantika. She wanted to shout but compose herself and handed green chillies to her.

She again went to sleep. Another 3-4 minutes passed and her phone started ringing. With closed eyes only she answered the phone.

“Hello, who’s this?” she said in a sleepy voice. “Namaskar Madam, Mein Sudeep baat kar raha hoon Airtel se”. She did not even wait for that Airtel executive to finish and disconnected the phone. She wanted to put her phone on silent but as her mother was travelling alone to some other city she didn’t do it thinking she might call.

Another 5 minutes passed and she went into deep sleep. Suddenly the door bell rang again. This time Kallu dhobi had come to hand over the ironed clothes. She wanted to bang her head and quite in an irritable voice instructed him to never come back in the afternoon again.

She checked the time it was 3:20 pm. She was tired and irritated for not being able to sleep. She went into her room and tried to sleep again.This time she had a proper undisturbed sleep for a stretch of 10 minutes but the doorbell rang again.

The Gardner whom she has called in the morning has arrived now at 3:30 pm with all the plants which are waiting to go in a pot now.

She didn’t know how to react. She gave him baffled look and gave him a bucket of water and other things he needed; instructed him not to disturb her for another 10-15minutes, to which he just nodded. She checks on the girls and instructed them to take out their course books in another 10 minutes.

She sighed heavily and said to herself, “still  10-15 minutes left for a maid to come let me try to sleep again”.  But poor she though she was still tired but couldn’t go back to sleep. She finally gave up on sleeping and went to girl’s room to help them with their homework.

This is what the reality of a homemaker. While the people thinks the home maker have nothing much to do other than watching television, eating snacks, doing kitty parties at home and sleeping for hours at noon.

The Job of a housewife is the most thankless job and the most sincerely done. Isn’t it? If you are a homemaker feel proud and pat your back. You manage it so well.

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