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Girls, please carry your age proof to avoid getting raped.

These days my new found passion is to keep sharing my thoughts with readers of Gallinukkad.

Well, yesterday I was in Jaipur and was just surfing the news headline. So, one of the news headlines caught my attention. The news headline was related to a proposal of Government of Madhya Pradesh to enact the law for awarding death sentence to those guilty of raping girls.

Madhya Pradesh becomes the first state in the country where those convicted of such rapes will face the gallows.

Hmmm…it was an interesting news and I was happy for two reasons. Firstly, being a domicile of M.P. I was feeling proud that at least my state name is in the limelight for some good initiative and that too for a social evil for which M.P has the distinction (Source: Wikipedia). Secondly, as a law abiding citizen ( I feel so, as I stand for 52 seconds as a mark of respect towards my national anthem in a cinema hall) I felt that some positive news is on our way and media/people/intellectual would focus on the menace and won’t wait until some girl is raped and a candle march is sponsored to express solidarity with the victim’s family.

So, with much expectation I read through each of the lines in the article/news and….my happiness was short lived. Coz the news said…..

Death penalty for rape of girls aged 12 and below: MP Assembly passes Bill

What a joke?? The proposal of harsher punishment is restricted to those guilty of raping girls aged 12 and below. I tried google but could not find any logic behind such age restriction. I even posted on Facebook to garner some comments but in vain.

So after a day of the deliberate attempt, I felt that this is an insane step and not a serious step towards tackling this social evil. My mind is still seeking reasoning to justify the age limit and am perturbed with the thought that:

What about the girls who are above 12 years and are raped?

Is the Government trying to suggest prospective rapist that please ask for the ‘Aadhaar card’ to authenticate the girl’s age, before you make up your mind to get into a cowardly act of rape?

So the idea is…Girls, please carry your age proof to avoid getting raped. Because our lawmakers think that only 12years and below aged girls need protection, for the rest, it is okay!!!

Come on, let’s be positive, at least with this law enforced, poor girls below 12yrs of age will be saved. Isn’t it??

But my question here is… Are we not suppose to make all our sisters, mothers and daughters safe? Is it not the case that we want all women around to be safe and secure? Is it that rape of a 22 yr or 80 yr old is less painful and doesn’t deserve the attention of authorities?

People…..Correct me, if I am wrong!

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