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Hey, peeps! How much happy are you with your life? Or are you still upset for not having a bae in your life? If right now, you’re making that cute puppy face, you are looking damn cute! But you need to stop behaving kiddish and always, you have your life to cherish. To make it more fun, you can always count on pets. Trust me, pets are the best way to keep yourself engaged and away from all the earthly tensions. Take a deep breath and take out a little time for us, we will tell you the Rainbow reasons to have pets in your life. Count the money in your pocket before you start off because we know you will need the money to get yourself a pet.

1. Companionship

One of the most obvious reasons to have a pet in your life is your loneliness. It becomes what a stick is to an old man. It becomes a little string of positive hope when nothing goes right. Undoubtedly, it is always there to give you company.

2. Trust

Go anywhere, you will find issues of distrust. You may not trust a person but trusting an animal is easier. They never leave your side, even if you want to get rid of them. They will love you like none.

3. Patience

Having a pet doesn’t come easy. You have to pay a lot of your time and patience from his cleaning up to feeding him. You will surely see a patient “you” after a few months of having a pet. I bet you!

4. Team Player

if you’re a family man and you have kids, then you leave the worries of your kid’s engagement. You pet will be always there to be their team player without a fail. The pet will even keep an eye on your children and inform as soon as something bad happens.

5. Happiness

A pet is basically a bunch of happiness to your family. You treat him as a family member. Some families are even so crazy for their pets that they never forget to include their pets while taking a family photograph.

6. Selfie-buddy

How childish it might sound but it will surely become your selfie-buddy if you’re a selfie freak. You pose innumerable with the cute pet of yours and once you upload them to social media sites, you’re a hit!

7. Unconditional

I was saving this best reason for the last point. It loves you unconditionally. Once they understand your love, you might forget him but they will keep on loving you without any expectations.

Don’t miss the moment when people look at you and say “Awww! That’s a  cute puppy you own.”

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