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Reasons Why Children Need Grandparents.

“Happiness is: Being pampered by your grandparents”

It’s that time of the year again when children finish their exams and all are set to enjoy the next couple of months of holidays with various activities planned ahead. On the last day of exams, I asked each of my daughter friends about their holiday’s plan. Each of the girls told me that they plan to visit their grandparents and stay with ‘them for holidays. While some said, “I love to play with my grandma” and some said, my “Dadu has promised me to teach bicycle this summer and take me along with him to the park on his morning walks”.

Such simple and sheer joy in the kid’s voices radiated a true happiness. I understand some of us are in different places and far off that there is a really no choice to be together. Well, that is a really an unfortunate situation. However, there are people who blatantly ignore their children spending time with their age old parents thinking what the grandparents teach is out of fashion.

Be it out of fashion, be it something that is not suitable for an upscale societal status, children need to spend time with their grandparents if they are with you and around. Why is it a must? Here are my reasons.

Treasure of experiences

Grandparents are a valuable resource because they have so many stories and experiences from their own lives to share. This sharing creates a bond that helps children to open up and share their difficulties & problems with them and find solutions easily. After all, they know the world better than us.

To instil better values

If you think all the better qualities you have is self-learned, think again coz they are our grandparents who help us to learn good qualities in a subtle way.  They teach the most basic things of any relationship to their grandchildren- Love, Patience and forgiveness. Close grandparent-grandchild relationships during the teenage years help eradicate behavioural and emotional problems in kids and make them better socially adjusted individual.

Healthier kids

I have seen many of my friends complain that every time their kids come back home after visiting their grandparents for a days or weeks, they are heavier and gained weight. While keeping an eye on the weight gain, let’s accept the fact that our children look more healthy and happy. Their knowledge and experience with healthy recipes will definitely make our kids eat well.

More Time

It’s far better for your child to play a board of scrabble than playing it on his Ipad. While we are busy making a living, grandparents have more time to spend with our children and they will be more than happy to spend a couple of hours that keeps both engaged. They offer an extra ear when kids need someone to talk to. For kids, having grandparents around means having the perfect companions to play with and have fun.

Boosting up the confidence

Well, for a grandparent no doubt, their Munna or Munni is the best and they will not shy away in encouraging their grandchild in everything they do. They will also correct the wrongs as well as encourage simple talents in your kids. They are the best partners when it comes to using creativity and imagination to discover the wonders of life.What more can we ask, isn’t it?

Give sense of belonging

They also offer a link to a child’s cultural heritage and family history. Children understand more of who they are and where they come from through their connection with their grandparents and this really help kids to understand and adopt our culture and traditions.

With Silver in hair and Gold in the heart, every grandparent is the best gift a child could have in his or her young age. Do not steal those simple joys your child could experience in the name of ego, impatience, lack of time, or any other reasons which separate them spending time together. Simply put, having grandparents around is good for everyone.

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