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10 Reasons why I absolutely adore weddings in India

Aiyeee! We have just gone through the season of marriages and I so totally love them. Please don’t kill me for that…I know the roads are blocked due to baraats and especially in metropolitan’s hush and push this is so irritating and then the loud music over night also the people drinking and getting high on alcohol…I know I know but still I am unable to refrain myself from loving them.

Now since I have a Punjabi background, in my world of relatives a wedding is a big big big prestige issue. In which everything has to be done over the top!!!

Here are a few reasons why I attend indian weddings:

  1. Food.  Need I say anything more?
  2. To dress up. Now for someone like me, I love my comfort which is sitting at home in pyjamas, without bras, eating Doritos and sipping coke, watching a romcom…aahh the bliss but I also love to dress up all desi for Indian weddings where no matter what I wear I look like a ‘tota’ anyway.
  3. For the colors. Big fat Indian weddings are so vibrant, all the lights and the cham-dham.
  4. To check out family relations waala guys.
  5. To see some bua I haven’t met since I was five years old.
  6. Food, again!
  7. To get acknowledged for my amazing skin/hair/dancing skills/eating speed.
  8. To get cash. Old people on weddings become extra-giving. Remember the bua in one of the points above, yeah…she is the one.
  9. Getting photographed and to upload my awesome lehenga pictures on facebook/insta.
  10. To make funny boomerang videos of uncles drunk dancing.
  11. Food. Again!

Indian wedding is like a mela. Starting from all those rasams which begin a week or so before the wedding day, I so totally enjoy them. Aunty ji’s in their overly done make-up, modern girls in saris/ suits/ lehngas and uncle ji’s showing their million dollar smiles…hayye the view!

Cheers to the “lovely” couple and the happily ever after.

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