From being a parent to your love life, from life tips to recovery stories, from happy marriages to failed ones, from women empowerment to gender equality- this is all about family & society of big hearts and small minds….last and not the least it’s about saas, bahu aur saajish..of course! ;)

  • The Biggest Treasure of my Life! Vibha was not home at her usual time and I sat with a cup of coffee when the phone rang. “Hello, Maa! What are you doing? Had your coffee?” Asked Vibha from the other end. Seeing the number on the caller Id I realized she has not yet left from work. I answered, “Just sat […] May 24, 2017
  • Power Nap It was 2 pm on a hot summer day of May. Avantika was waiting for her kids to return from the school. She was on the cleaning spree today and as she didn’t have a good sleep last night and so she was completely drained out of energy. She has looked at the wall clock […] May 23, 2017
  • Maid – the lifeline of Indian Household Well, today it will be difficult to imagine a day without your house help. I am talking about the maids who work at your home. They are no less than the lifeline of your house, especially if you are working and blessed with little munchkin, the maids are a great help to you. Many houses […] May 22, 2017
  • O Ri Chiraiya Nanhi Si Chidiya… Angnaa Mein Phir Aaja Re !! On a hot summer afternoon, with early lunch, as I retired to my bedroom with kids for afternoon power nap, I was already feeling lazy. Though, kids who returned from school in the heat of May were so tired that they slept instantly. As I lay, the light noise of the fan along with the […] May 20, 2017
  • A Child’s Plea ……..!! ”Whenever I see my son I feel proud”, said Aman’s father to his wife standing next to him, on seeing his son studying for the SSC board exams which were just over the head. ”He has always lived up to my expectations and I am sure like always this time also he will score exceptionally […] May 19, 2017
  • Are you in a Wrong Relationship? There are some relationships which are not meant to last long, being in a wrong relation has a toxic effect on your mental and physical health. Love is not a product which can be manufactured. How do you know it’s time to move away from this torture? Taking each other for granted This is one […] May 17, 2017