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Rest in Peace Mom!

The searing pain of loss engulfs us completely in the coming days, weeks and months following the death of our beloved, whether the person was our son, daughter, brother, sister, husband, wife, mother, father or another significant one. The pain effectively keeps us focused on ourselves and the unique relationship we had with the person who is now gone forever from our earthly lives. It is hard to cope up with our own feelings as we traverse through the new grief which had made a place in our lives. It is harder yet to accept the deep loss and separation that we feel in the aftermath.

These past two weeks have been extremely hard for me and my family due to the sudden demise of my beloved mother in law. The news of her death came to us as a sudden shock as she didn’t have any health issues and was perfectly fine until the day before. It seems God had some other plans for her and took her away from our lives on the ill-fated day of 23rd May 2017, leaving us bereaved.

Like every other girl, when I got married, I also had anxieties as far as this relationship was concerned. I was scared and nervous as the term ‘mother in law’ always seems to carry a bit of negative connotation, but my case was exceptional. And I really thank God for that.

My MIL was never controlling, judgmental, critical and overbearing.  She didn’t have any characteristic of the typical mother in law. She was never nosy or bossy or prone to dispensing disagreeable opinions or advice. She was such a wise, kind-hearted and gracious lady that I was looking forward to receiving her guidance and experience which she had gained all over these years. She loved me as her own daughter.

She was extremely close to me and my heart and I was blessed to have her and will always be. I will always be grateful to God that he gave me chance to be a daughter in law of a kind and generous mother in law. MOM, I just want you to know that your death has left a hollow space in our lives which can never be filled.

Dear god, please be kind to her as she herself was a symbol of kindness and humanity. You will always be in our prayers, life and heart mumma.

You will always be alive in our memories. Rest in peace.

The purpose of writing this to convey to her that we love you and thank you for being what you were. And also to pass on a message to all would-be brides that don’t be too judgemental about this relationship coz not all mother in laws are same. Do not marry with pre-conditioned feelings for mother in law as they are also mothers, after all. Aren’t they?


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