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Say hi to makeup & add an extra oomph to your personality !

Although inner beauty is most admired possession of a girl, but good looks add an extra oomph to your personality and confidence. Well, makeup can do wonders to how you look, if worn properly.

So for all those gals & ladies out there who are not so good at makeup, here are some tips to create a flawless makeup look and get ready perfectly for all occasions-


Try to keep your look simple and elegant, avoid shades of red or vibrant shades if you’re not good at contrast matching. Go for nudes, peaches, pinks according to your skin tone.


Applying a proper base is the most important part of creating the perfect look. Go for a nice BB cream rather than a heavy foundation base. BB cream will keep your face looking natural and will blend easily with your skin. Don’t forget to cover your ears also.


Highlight your cheeks with a tone of peach or pink blush, for easy application make a fish face or a selfie pout face and apply blush on your cheek bones, Be careful don’t overdo the blush.

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Kajal is one such element which can completely highlight or destroy your look. So to apply the kajal flawlessly always use a rotation stick which is easy to maintain and will always have a sharp tip so it’s easy to apply.


A nice winged eyeliner will enhance your lovely eyes but for many of us a simple wing on the eye turns out to be a disastrous vamp look. Not to worry girls, the best way is to use sketch eyeliner which is easy to apply.


To complete your look apply a subtle shade of lip gloss and your look is complete for the party, wedding or office

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Last but not the least, choosing the right hairstyle is very important. The Hairstyle can completely change your looks and will bring out your best features. Braid your hair at night, press the braids with a straightener and open the braids in the morning to get nice soft curls. For those who love to make buns use a sock bun to create that neat & perfect look. Sock buns are easily available in the market and can be made at home with a pair of old socks.


For all those lazy girls like me, removing make up is a task. My experience says that the coconut oil is the best life saviour for your skin. Massage some coconut oil on your face and wipe it off, It works as the best makeup remover. No need to buy expensive readymade ones from the market. Just DIY!

I hope these tips turn out to be helpful to create the look you want. Enjoy girls never stop experimenting. Bring out the new you.

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