Say hi to makeup & add an extra oomph to your personality ! 2

Although inner beauty is most admired possession of a girl, but good looks add an extra oomph to your personality and confidence. Well, makeup can do wonders to how you look, if worn properly.

So for all those gals & ladies out there who are not so good at makeup, here are some tips to create a flawless makeup look and get ready perfectly for all occasions-


Try to keep your look simple and elegant, avoid shades of red or vibrant shades if you’re not good at contrast matching. Go for nudes, peaches, pinks according to your skin tone.


Applying a proper base is the most important part of creating the perfect look. Go for a nice BB cream rather than a heavy foundation base. BB cream will keep your face looking natural and will blend easily with your skin. Don’t forget to cover your ears also.


Highlight your cheeks with a tone of peach or pink blush, for easy application make a fish face or a selfie pout face and apply blush on your cheek bones, Be careful don’t overdo the blush.


Kajal is one such element which can completely highlight or destroy your look. So to apply the kajal flawlessly always use a rotation stick which is easy to maintain and will always have a sharp tip so it’s easy to apply.


A nice winged eyeliner will enhance your lovely eyes but for many of us a simple wing on the eye turns out to be a disastrous vamp look. Not to worry girls, the best way is to use sketch eyeliner which is easy to apply.


To complete your look apply a subtle shade of lip gloss and your look is complete for the party, wedding or office


Last but not the least, choosing the right hairstyle is very important. The Hairstyle can completely change your looks and will bring out your best features. Braid your hair at night, press the braids with a straightener and open the braids in the morning to get nice soft curls. For those who love to make buns use a sock bun to create that neat & perfect look. Sock buns are easily available in the market and can be made at home with a pair of old socks.


For all those lazy girls like me, removing make up is a task. My experience says that the coconut oil is the best life saviour for your skin. Massage some coconut oil on your face and wipe it off, It works as the best makeup remover. No need to buy expensive readymade ones from the market. Just DIY!

I hope these tips turn out to be helpful to create the look you want. Enjoy girls never stop experimenting. Bring out the new you.

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My love for high heels and how I waste my money 17

Being the crazy shopaholic I am, I spend 70% of my money in buying things I already have, or I will never need. You see that cute top which is slightly tight so you leave it with a heavy heart? No, I buy it. Why? because there is a chance I might get slim one day and I will wear that top then. Yes, I can be that crazy when I shop.  No, its not a good habit. Being confident is one thing and believing in the impossible in another. My love for shoe, is crazy on another level. I want every type, every color. flip flops, sandals, office shoes, heels, blocks, wedges, canvas, I have everything and I still crave for more.

Let’s talk about high heels, they are painful. Period. You cannot avoid that pain. I have a six inch Steve Madden heels and they cost me a fortune. And I thought, since they are Madden heels and so costly, they probably won’t hurt that much. 50m is the distance I walked before they started killing me.

I was cleaning my closet today and  saw them, in one corner, packed in a beautiful box and I wondered  why, as women, do we love heels so much even though they kill our feet, they are not healthy, they have major side effects, but still we cant stop ourselves from wearing them, and buying them first (not to forget that).

Well the answer presented itself when I tried those 6 inches again.
Because with a simple pair we are transformed. We’re not just women. Suddenly we’re bad*** b*tches with a purpose. We’re strong. We’re classy. We’re sophisticated. And we kick butt.

Here are a few reasons, why I am obsessed with them

  • You look taller:
    Those extra five-six inches and you see the world in a different way, altogether.
  • Immediate confidence boost:
    Maybe it has some psychology associated with it, but a good pair of heels, and you have a major confidence boost. Wearing heels give you a sense of power, and with power comes confidence.Wearing heels makes a woman feel in charge because height is the antithesis of power.
  • A pair for every occasion
    There are so many of them. You have the occasion, a dress and you have a pair, just right for the job.
  • They can make any outfit look classier
    You look 50% more attractive by wearing heels than flat, I personally feel that the extra added confidence helps a woman wearing heels.
  • It gives you a posture
    Yes, they do. Hips, a little more push, makes your legs look slimmer and your waist, a fine heaven.

There is always a pair of heels in my myntra bag, and I just need one push and off it goes, another 2500 rupees. But, I totally encourage you to buy that one pair you have been craving. kyunki bhai apni toh ek hi philosophy hai, one life so make it large. 😛

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Things that you DON’T need in your closet! 1

Today’s post is about closet organization, telling you the about things that you DON’T need in your closet! These tips will help you organize your clothes into things that you actually need. Closet de-cluttering and organization can do so much for your mindset.

                                          De-clutter your closet, de-clutter your life! 

Things that don’t fit you. Are you holding onto things that don’t fit you anymore? And you’re hoping maybe some point in life you may lose some weight and you could fit into them. Ha ha…believe me, you never gonna wear them coz once you lose weight, you will definitely buy the new ones. 😉

Things you haven’t worn for years. If you haven’t even thought about wearing it or even considered it, it’s really a time to think if you really, really need it. Clearly, they aren’t that important. If you haven’t worn them for years or you haven’t even taken the tag off them, it’s a great idea to give to people who would like to wear them and get organized.

Things that are out of style. If you have pieces in your closet that are out of vogue, it’s time to toss them. People will say that trends keep coming back but do you really want to be keeping all those extra baggage in your closet?
Things that are damaged or stained. It’s time to get rid of the things that are damaged, stained or have holes in them, you will never wear them again. So, it’s best to say bye to them now.

Pieces that are painful. If you have clothing items that cause blisters or you just don’t feel comfortable wearing them otherwise, you probably shouldn’t be keeping them. So, pieces that put you in pain physically, why should you keep them?

Things with bad memories. You should definitely be getting rid of pieces that are attached to bad memory. Like if you have pieces that your ex-bf gave you, these are the items you should not be keeping because who wants to get reminded of negative memories? Just throw them away coz everytime you see them in your closet they gonna pull you back for sure.
Things you think you might wear but never do. If you’re keeping things for specific occasions but you know you will never wear them again. Get rid of them right away. After all, who wants to keep useless things?

Alright, guys! That wraps up my today’s post. I really hope they help you de-clutter and organize your closet better.