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Say ‘No’ to wastage of food

How many times did you overload your plate with food?

In party, marriages, hotels and even at home if you are in a habit of overloading your plate and then later realising that you have taken more than what you can finish; what do you do in such situation?

Throw it away in a trash can Or still, gulp it down and overload your tummy?

When you eat to overload the tummy that’s still the wastage of food, the resources and you just ate what you could have fed to the hungry.

Many a time, Mothers at home fill the plate of their children more than what they could eat and then when the children leave the food it either go in a dustbin or in mother’s tummy.

It’s a bad practice. You are not only wasting your money but the resources of the country are wasted too.

So what can be done to avoid this wastage?

  • Take Small servings. You can always go for next serving.
  • Try to order half plate where you think you should.
  • Don’t overeat just to finish the food. Instead, feed the hungry. This act of kindness will not only give you a satisfaction but one person will go to bed without craving for food because of you.
  • While hosting a party if you are left with surplus food, please don’t just leave it there. Just Google for the organisations that can pick up that food and distribute it to the needy.
  • For all the mommies out there, throw the food neither in the trash can nor in your tummy. Instead, put it in the refrigerator. Take it along with you when you are going for an evening walk and give it to a stray animal (cow or a dog).

Let’s learn to respect the farmers who grow crops for us. The chef who cooks for us and the person (even if it’s you) who earn for us so that we can buy food.

Let’s say No to wastage.


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