• What’s your child’s score?

    So the much-awaited results for this academic year are out. Everywhere everyone is asking to each other, “what’s your child’s score”? Seriously, this has become so important question to be asked by everyone to each other and this has actually lead both parents and their children to immense pressure throughout the year and more so […]

    March 30, 2017
  • Simple Mistakes Done by a Teacher in the Classroom

    We all know that to err is human. There are some teachers in all schools who do simple mistakes, which can cause trouble in a child’s daily routines, or sometimes even health problems. Most parents do not want to take it to the principal or any higher authorities because they fear of any ill consequences […]

    March 16, 2017
  • Is My Child Being Talkative a Wrong Thing?

    I have always believed in teaching my daughter to speak freely and not to keep anything in mind or hide matters. For good or worse, she developed this into a habit of telling me everything and she never has secrets or lies to anyone. I know every single thing that happens in school or anywhere […]

    January 27, 2017