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Screening Tests Every Woman Should Get Done After 30!

Our Body and our mind are two different things. Although our mind may feel much younger and might feel like doing the things the youngsters do, our body does not seem to agree sometimes, especially when we touch the milestone 30. Aging is a process that no one can control, however, taking a good care and staying healthy is always our choice. In fact, the mind wanting to stay young is actually a good thing because that tells about the activeness of our body. But there are certain body conditions that occur due to aging or sometimes due to the genetic factor which takes a long time to develop and to be a realized by a person. Usually, some of the disease goes unnoticed until it develops into a more serious or advanced stage.

Prevention is better than cure”

So, to prevent reaching to a stage where you have to feel helpless, it is always wise to take measures and precaution before. Age 30 is something like not very young as well as not very old. It is the beginning of many new things, while it is also can be the initial stage of many health conditions which we commonly ignore thinking it to be fatigue and stress. Especially as women undergo various hormonal changes, there is a high chance she to develop problems later if there is any history of the conditions.

Here is a list of all the screening tests that every woman should get done after 30 and strictly yearly once or if required twice.

  1. Complete blood count (CBC)

    Women body has a lot of changes over the years and especially after marriage and childbirth. Though nutrition plays a big role, many find anemic. Checking the blood count once in a while helps to check for any underlying problems like anemia, cancer, etc

  2. Blood pressure test (BP)

    The normal reading for our blood pressure is 120/80. Any chances of it going low or up cause health problems. When there is a rise in BP it can cause serious damage to our organs like kidney, lungs and may even cause a heart attack.

  3. Blood sugar test

    A test to check the glucose in the blood is done with intervals of fasting for 12 hours reading. The second reading is 2 hours after consuming food. Ideally, this is done morning before breakfast and after two hours of having breakfast. The fasting test results <99 is normal whereas between 100-110 is pre-diabetes. Higher than 110 indicates diabetes. After breakfast <140 is normal. Between 140-200 is pre-diabetes and higher than 200 is diabetes. Hence getting these test once in a year will keep you in check.

  4. Lipid profile test

    This tests checks for cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL and LDL levels. The LDL should be < 130 and HDL > 60. Any change in these normal readings needs to be treated.

  5. ECG test

    A much necessary test that is recommended for both men and women after the age of 30. The electrocardiogram test checks for any heart disease.

  6. Thyroid Function tests

    The thyroid test can detect the hyperthyroidism or the hypothyroidism which can help prevent the condition in initial stages. The blood test will show the results if one is suffering from thyroid issues.

  7. Pap smear tests

    Pap smear helps in detecting any tumorous or precancerous conditions. This test is very helpful for women who are sexually active and are above 30. Usually, this test is combined with HPV test and if the tests are normal it can be repeated after 3 years again.

  8. Mammogram test

    Although the mammogram screening is usually recommended at the age above 40, there are a lot of women who have developed breast cancer at an earlier age than 40. If you feel any changes in your breasts, do not hesitate to meet your doctor and get the tests done. Mammogram test should be repeated every two years.

  9. Colonoscopy test

    This test is usually recommended if there is any history of the polyps or lesions in the colon or rectum among any other member of the family. If there are any lesions it is biopsied.

These are some of the important screening that every woman should not ignore, However, based on one family history and genetic relations women need to take care of getting a regular health check to be healthy and happy. Do not forget that your good health is the reason that brings smiles to every member of your house. Take care and stay happy.

If you think there is any other test that is not listed in the above list, please do share with us through comment.

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