She believes that tea isn’t just another drink, it’s an experience! 5

In a country like India where , the iconic “Wah Taj” advertisement on DD National, with Zakir Hussain, the tabla maestro, endorsing tea at Taj Mahal is a real scene in almost every household as mornings begin with the conventional milk chai, there is a woman who is on a mission to bring quality tea, in a delicious way to everyday lives of people. Meet Ruhani Sandhu, founder of Rangsaa who is an engineer by education and an entrepreneur by choice.

Newness begins with a departure from the old thinking. In a country like India, where more than 98% tea drinkers drink typical milk tea and are not aware of premium tea segment, we wanted to create a unique product, a healthy drink that encourages people to look at tea differently. This departure in thinking created a new possibility. It created Rangsaa.

– says Ruhani Sandhu, the creative brain behind all unique Rangsaa tea recipes.

In the past few decades when women have taken lead in every field one could imagine, Ruhani’s venture Rangsaa started a movement to promote advance tea drinking culture and bring awareness of global teas.

Her tea journey began when she moved to the US for her higher studies but much of her passion for tea is credited to her Chinese roommate, who often took her to tea ceremonies across New York. Coming back to India brought in a big change in her life. Having lived a quarter of her life in the US, she was habituated to a certain kind of tea that she couldn’t find in India.

Even the popular Indian brands that talked about premium loose tea or premium tea blends were actually selling very low grade and stale tea.

– recalls Ruhani who believes that tea isn’t just another drink, it’s an experience.

She went on to have a successful corporate career in India but tea was always on her mind. In 2012, she partnered with her school friend and designed a unique tea menu for his start-up concept tea cafe called ‘Chaayos’. This was her first ‘break’ in tea, an opportunity to experiment on such a large scale.

This experience accelerated her desire to create recipes and the styles of tea that she wanted to popularise. The simplicity and spirituality associated with tea intrigued her to the extent that she decided to quit her job and started her blog ‘Love for Tea’ ( which soon became popular among tea lovers with over 15,000 readers across 150 countries today.

Within no time, she embarked on her own venture – Rangsaa, a premium tea brand that derives its name from the words ‘rang’ and ‘saa’; rang means ‘color’ in Hindi and ‘saa’ means tea in Assamese respectively, blending to form ‘colorful tea’.

We work with several chefs and artists to create a fancy eco-system around tea and related products, with an aim to educate people about quality tea and promote it as a healthy drink.

– tells Ruhani who aspires to foster an advance tea drinking culture, establishing her brand in the premium tea segment.

While there were times when her dream of creating the best tea blends seemed impossible due to the reluctance of tea gardens to work with the domestic market owing to a lack of demand and price-for-quality issues, she remained driven and passionate about tea.

With tea industry as big as Google, Rangsaa’s blends and tisanes are the results of a precise and careful selection of evocative herbs with proven health benefits, designed for the modern tea drinker. Creating blends that can transform into delicious fitness drinks, cocktails and even used in cooking is Rangsaa’s innovative step in escaping from our fixed ideas about tea.

What else can a ‘chai lover’ ask for?

So, next time you look for some luxuriant tea experience, Rangsaa is the ultimate destination.

You can find Rangsaa at .

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Most Annoying Habits of a Husband!! 3593

Talking about the husband and in-laws is one of the common topics for most women because, hey! In a way they are part of our world, aren’t they? But seriously, when the talk is about the husband, after the sweet things like how romantic he is or what all the good things he does to make us smile or feel lovely, there comes the annoying things they do, which is actually on a daily basis that constantly keeps us irritated.

Trying to change them is certainly an impossible task. We women are not perfect either and probably we too got some things that might be irritating to the husband, but here is a wife perspective.

Habit 1- chewing food with mouth open and making sounds

I am sure no women raises her son to become a cow when he grows up, although I wonder why some men just cannot get rid of the habit of making those annoying sounds of chewing while eating their food. Do they really do not realize that how annoying it can be for others who are also trying to eat the same food sitting next to them or is it simply the husband do not care?

Habit 2 – Mixing up the order of arrangement

Asking your husband to help around the house is like asking a kid to help. My husband helps a lot around the house, but what I dislike is the mixing of the order. Not that I am suffering from OCD however, I still like to keep certain things in its place which makes it easier to reach out the next time. For example, different clothes in different shelves, kids clothes another wardrobe, orderly arrangement of spice boxes in the kitchen etc. The other day I kept looking for a dress of mine for more than half an hour in my shelf and realized it was my husband who folded the washed and dried clothes. So knowing him, I looked for it in my kid shelf and found it. Things like this can be really annoying when you do not have the time and the patience.

Habit 3- Pretending listening to you while he watches the TV

Most husbands think their wife cannot differentiate when they animatedly shake their head to something she might be speaking while their eyes and mind both are on the TV. Here’s some news for all married men! Your wife knows when you are being inattentive and if you want to avoid problems and arguments later on, better you listen to her while she is really trying to make a conversation.

Habit 4 – Forgetting important things

I believe most husbands have a temporary Alzheimer. Because at least more than once they tell their wife that they forgot to inform something important and can remember only when asked about it. Why I wonder? Or is it something deliberately done? What do you think ladies?

Habit 5 – Sleeping in unmade bed

It drives me nuts when I see anyone, not only my husband but anyone sleep before making the bed. My husband argument is, why waste so much of energy in making the bed neat just so you can spoil all of it again? It’s simply impossible for me to get some sleep even if the bedspread is crumpled.

Habit 6 – Not bathing in the weekends

It’s a ritual for most men. If it is a weekend, all they think of is watching TV, sleeping entire day and then they do not shower. I just do not get it why do you have to skip shower though?

Habit 7 – Keys and wallets are in wrong place

In our house, I am the one who can find all the things that everyone misplaces. Though we have a key stand to put all the keys as soon as one enter and each of them have a separate shelf to keep their daily belongings like ID’s, wallets etc. Yet, they go on keeping them all around the house except not where it needs to be kept.

Habit 8 – Using laptops, mobile or newspaper while sitting on the commode

My husband carries his laptop even when he uses the bathroom. Nothing is more annoying when you are actually waiting to talk about something and the husband is busy using the bathroom for more than 20 minutes. If not a laptop, some have a habit of playing games on mobile or checking out the minute news app or even read a news paper. Talk about not wasting even a minute!!!

Do these habits seem familiar? It’s not only women who do odd things, but also men. Women and men are different species who are born to annoy each other and hence they are perfectly paired. Though the husband may irritate us in so many ways, the love and care always stands up, isn’t it?

Comment if your husband got any other habits that are not listed in the list and share the article to have a good laugh with family and friends.

How not to be a Sugarholic !!! 1253

Do you find it difficult to get out of the bed or start your unless you have had your tea or coffee?

Do you feel a sudden energy dip at work around 11 am?

And around 4 pm do you feel the urge to have a sweet snack like a muffin or doughnut and you feel without which you can’t keep going with the day???

Welcome to the Sugarholic club!!!

Most of us don’t realize that we are addicted to sugar in various degrees in different ways. Let it be a packet of your favorite biscuit or that dark chocolate bar which you think has no added sugar. Sadly, sugar in taking is addictive it makes us its slave. So, every time you eat a little amount of sugar in any form, it increases your energy levels for a certain time limit of 2-3 hrs. and after that, your blood sugar level takes a tailspin and your body again starts to crave more sugar.

Follow these tips listed below to break this vicious cycle.

1.Accept the fact that you are a Sugarholic or that you thrive for sugary food items.

2. Setup a tentative date from when you will avoid food containing sugar. Make notes on post it and stick it around on refrigerator, kitchen, work desk and wherever you store items like cakes, muffins, biscuits, etc.

3. Adopt the habit to write down everything you eat and drink the whole day – you will be shocked to see that most of the things food and drinks you consume contain a high number of artificial sweeteners, which are harmful to your health.

4. Make sure that you have a healthy breakfast first thing in the morning. Skipping breakfast is one the biggest reason for binge eating which usually involves easily available food like muffins doughnut, biscuits, chocolate bars, the list goes on. The habit of having breakfast will help curb your sugar cravings.

5. Whenever you that sugar craving drink water, you can add berries, lime, mint leaves to your water bottle this will enhance the flavor as well as detox your body, as lime and mint are good for digestion. Always try to carry a water bottle with where ever you go, especially when you go out for shopping or outings.

6. When you feel that your body needs the sugar boost, try having a handful of unsalted, roasted mixed nuts immediately. This will instantly kill your sugar cravings!

7. Start drinking herbal teas like green tea with lime throughout the day – with of course without sugar! : p

8. Try to have a banana first thing in the morning, banana is a power fruit packed with essential vitamins and minerals necessary for the body.

9. Before buying processed or can food make sure you check the ingredients. Most of the food we consume nowadays like bread, pasta, potato chips, cookies, muffins carbonated drinks, etc. all contain the high amount of sugar. Your motto should be to avoid them.!

10. You must have noticed, you feel the urge to have sweets after meals. To stop this start chewing sugar-free gum as soon as you finish your food. This will also aid in digestion.


Please keep in mind that you cannot go cold turkey and give up sugar in one day take it one day and one step at a time.!