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She believes that tea isn’t just another drink, it’s an experience!

In a country like India where , the iconic “Wah Taj” advertisement on DD National, with Zakir Hussain, the tabla maestro, endorsing tea at Taj Mahal is a real scene in almost every household as mornings begin with the conventional milk chai, there is a woman who is on a mission to bring quality tea, in a delicious way to everyday lives of people. Meet Ruhani Sandhu, founder of Rangsaa who is an engineer by education and an entrepreneur by choice.

Newness begins with a departure from the old thinking. In a country like India, where more than 98% tea drinkers drink typical milk tea and are not aware of premium tea segment, we wanted to create a unique product, a healthy drink that encourages people to look at tea differently. This departure in thinking created a new possibility. It created Rangsaa.

– says Ruhani Sandhu, the creative brain behind all unique Rangsaa tea recipes.

In the past few decades when women have taken lead in every field one could imagine, Ruhani’s venture Rangsaa started a movement to promote advance tea drinking culture and bring awareness of global teas.

Her tea journey began when she moved to the US for her higher studies but much of her passion for tea is credited to her Chinese roommate, who often took her to tea ceremonies across New York. Coming back to India brought in a big change in her life. Having lived a quarter of her life in the US, she was habituated to a certain kind of tea that she couldn’t find in India.

Even the popular Indian brands that talked about premium loose tea or premium tea blends were actually selling very low grade and stale tea.

– recalls Ruhani who believes that tea isn’t just another drink, it’s an experience.

She went on to have a successful corporate career in India but tea was always on her mind. In 2012, she partnered with her school friend and designed a unique tea menu for his start-up concept tea cafe called ‘Chaayos’. This was her first ‘break’ in tea, an opportunity to experiment on such a large scale.

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This experience accelerated her desire to create recipes and the styles of tea that she wanted to popularise. The simplicity and spirituality associated with tea intrigued her to the extent that she decided to quit her job and started her blog ‘Love for Tea’ ( which soon became popular among tea lovers with over 15,000 readers across 150 countries today.

Within no time, she embarked on her own venture – Rangsaa, a premium tea brand that derives its name from the words ‘rang’ and ‘saa’; rang means ‘color’ in Hindi and ‘saa’ means tea in Assamese respectively, blending to form ‘colorful tea’.

We work with several chefs and artists to create a fancy eco-system around tea and related products, with an aim to educate people about quality tea and promote it as a healthy drink.

– tells Ruhani who aspires to foster an advance tea drinking culture, establishing her brand in the premium tea segment.

While there were times when her dream of creating the best tea blends seemed impossible due to the reluctance of tea gardens to work with the domestic market owing to a lack of demand and price-for-quality issues, she remained driven and passionate about tea.

With tea industry as big as Google, Rangsaa’s blends and tisanes are the results of a precise and careful selection of evocative herbs with proven health benefits, designed for the modern tea drinker. Creating blends that can transform into delicious fitness drinks, cocktails and even used in cooking is Rangsaa’s innovative step in escaping from our fixed ideas about tea.

What else can a ‘chai lover’ ask for?

So, next time you look for some luxuriant tea experience, Rangsaa is the ultimate destination.

You can find Rangsaa at .

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