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She is the Perfect Solution to Execute Your Craziest Event Ever!!

Events Become Feelings, Feelings Become Events.

– says with all enthusiasm, Lavina Gupta, the most creative, fun-loving, endearing woman who is the pioneer of Thea Events and media, Bangalore.

Being born in a family of interstate parents, Lavina enjoyed the diversity among both cultures since a young age. Two different traditions taught her the importance and values of family and respecting cultures. She loved weddings, parties, and any family get-together. Her father being a Punjabi, one can imagine the fun in any occasion.

She grew up to a beautiful young woman and before she could blink, there came her prince charming asking her hand in marriage. The always energetic and chirpy girl who was fascinated with all the beautiful things was mesmerized wanting to see her own marriage in bright colors, beautiful things everywhere.

Lavina was married at an early age and she never got an opportunity to think what is it exactly she wanted out of life. Life went on smoothly after marriage. Everything she did, she always had an eye for beautiful things. Be it clothes, decorative items or anything attractive. Everything she touched, it had to shine.

Husband who adored her and two beautiful children who thought the world of her, kept her busy on her toes after marriage. She enjoyed time with family and friends pleasing all with her penchant culinary skills.

While we talked, she spoke with such a zeal in her voice and suddenly she became silent. As she recalls, she said,

Years passed and life moved on. However, it started to wear on me. I noticed all my friends type on their laptops at such a speed and busy with their career, it made me think.

She could not find her peace with what life offered because that was not something she earned or craved for. That feeling of wanting to become something in life, to become a woman who is independent financially, gave birth to her company that is today “Thea events and media”.

Out of curiosity, I asked her “Why events planner and not anything else? To which she answered,

Life is so beautiful and when you celebrate something, you have to make it big and memorable. Who best can guide you than me who has seen all kind of traditions since I can ever remember.

That’s the aura of confidence, she spreads to anyone who talks to her.


Initially, Thea events were started along with her friend and both together arranged some memorable, creative events. However, her friend had to quit when she was about to have a baby. Losing the partner support Lavina found it difficult to manage all by herself. Yet she did not stop.

She says,

Once you know the taste of success and you know you are going to reach your goals: all you need to do is keep going and you do not stop. You keep going, with whatever speed you can.

She managed to take the Thea Events forward single handed. She worked on various events of all kind. Her creative mind made every event an enjoyable, fun filled, laughter, and the most attractive party for her customers.

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Thea Events and Media are specialized in both corporate and social events.

When I asked what is the best thing she likes being an even planner, looking all shy and smiley she said,

The expression of WOW! by people who gather looking at my arrangements and appreciating openly. Asking for my contact details, so that they can find me to plan for their parties, was something that made me feel happy and content.

Her advice to all young women is,

Listen to your inner mind. There is always a calling that only your mind knows, about what you want out of your life. When it is time, you will know what you have to do and when you do, never take a step back.

To know more about Thea Events and media and their services, visit her Facebook page.

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