She wanted to be independent… 1792

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.

-says Yogithaa Anand, the creative mind behind a Bangalore based designer boutique- Brocade.

Spending an afternoon with Yogithaa was so much learning. With intense curiosity, I asked her about the conviction that made her start her own venture. The answer she gave was truly the statement what women empowerment is all about. She said,

The need to be independent. We all want that. Don’t we?

and she laughs swiftly.

As she recalls… her parents, like all other regular Indian ones for whom excellence in academics is the ultimate aim, too wanted her to run in the rat race and pursue medicine to become a doctor. But, silently her creative mind always revolved around clothes, designing & fashion, struggling to convince her loved ones that her world and calling lay beyond stethoscope and patients.

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But as what you can’t go through, God helps you to fly over… One fine day a Midas touch changed her parent’s mind and they finally agreed to let her pursue her dreams.

Following which she did the fashion designing diploma from VET Polytechnic and a course from the reputed NIFT. While she was still in her second year, she got married. Her mind had a lot of plans for her designing career. However, being married she had other responsibilities too. Life threw a lot of lemons at her, though she made a juice and drank it. But never ever stopped working on her passion.

The desire to prove her abilities to all the people who did not believe in her was becoming more and more profound inside her.

Stitching and knitting, the arts that I learned at a very young age taught me patience, strength that helped me during that stage of my life.

-tells Yogithaa, a woman with creative persona.

With a lack of support and encouraging people around, she started her first tailoring shop in her car garage.

Oh yes! You read it right. A garage!


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Her father, who by then understood and supported her passion, gifted her first machine, which she has kept with her even today as an accolade. She approached well-established designer shops, took contracts and orders and established herself in the business.

Starting from a small tailoring shop in a garage with kids wear to a full-fledged Designer boutique, today Brocade is one of the popular choices among ladies for their stitching and dress designing needs. No doubt, the journey was tough but she was tougher, I must say.

With self-designed beautiful embroidery works as her style-mark, Brocade is a must visit. However, she is talented enough to accept orders from other places given the right measurements.

Her a vision to train other needy women in the art of design and stitching so that it helps them to open their own business and become independent like her, makes her a true inspiration.

Whatever problems you might face, never give up on your faith in your passion. Because that is the only thing that comes to help when no one else is there for you.

-advices Yogithaa, who is on a mission to help her customers find that perfect outfit.


Find her on Facebook Page .


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Brides to be, remember the two A’s ! 183

While a lehenga with a humungous flare that is larger than the mandap itself seems to be every Indian Brides dream, but what most brides forget is that it’s essential to still stick to an outfit that is close to one’s personality. Ask me why?

Coz when you wear an outfit that isn’t in sync with your personality, there’s going to be a conflict between your attitude and the attire.

Each bridal outfit delivers a certain vibe and it should always be styled to suit that vibe. Wearing it in a manner that is not in accordance with it’s style will only take away it’s grace.

When I got married, me and my cousins planned a fun & masti wedding coz that’s how I am in real life too. But like every other Punjabi girl, I had always imagined myself as a royal and graceful princess bride and that’s exactly the look I went for. Elegant and classy. But as planned, there I was, dancing, laughing, screaming, hooting and actually being nothing close to graceful. Seriously, my behaviour was far from it.

– says Nehal, a teacher and a Delhite who got married last winter.

See, she has a point!

In my view, your lehenga can even lose all the charm because of the way you style it. Imagine a bride in Manish Malhotra’s super funky bridal lehenga who opts for a traditional look. Don’t you think it will take away all the quirkiness of the attire? Of course, it will.

You just can’t afford a mismatch in your makeup and jewellery with your outfit.

Girls, your bridal outfit is really an extension of your personality. Wearing an outfit that’s in sync with the kind of bride you want to be, really helps! If you do want to be a shy, graceful bride – go for a traditional and ethnic bridal outfit OR if you want to be a carefree, fun bride, choose an outfit that’s fluid, vibrant and uncomplicated.

After all, it will highlight your personality and you want to keep it real. Don’t you?


Why Fast Food business is gaining weight?? 147

The idea of having delicious food at reasonable prices is something which everyone looks for to have in order to get a change from the routine food they are having and as a result, end up falling for fast foods. From using tempting smells to irresistible flavors to attractive meal deals the fast food is luring our tongue to have them frequently.

Let’s delve through as to what makes fast food so appealing:


The fast food chains have made it easier for the people to have their food by adopting services like take away, drive thru, placing an order through internet or telephone etc. Moreover, the food served at the outlets in really quick. The time it takes between ordering and obtaining is hardly few minutes justifying it as to why it is called ‘fast food’.


Yummylicious fast foods are mainly loaded with lots of fat and sodium which makes the people go crazy for them. but also not to forget that these foods are loaded with many addictive ingredients that encourage customers to eat more than they should, and make customers want to eat the same foods again.


If you have ever given up into the pleading of your child to stop by a fast food outlet for the meal because of the toy being offered then you have witnessed the strongest marketing tool which these fast food chains use. Kids fall off easily for the meal for toys or the cartoon characters which some of the companies use.


One does not have to struggle to have their favorite fast food at an outlet. There are many of them available near to you making it an easy option to dine in.


Fast food chains provide attractive offers which appeal to people to have it whether being providing a discount, meal deals or the second food item is free, such offers lures the people and they find it pocket-friendly and a good reason to have fast food.

An occasional fast food meal won’t be harming your body and can be a fun way to celebrate special occasions. Fast food is not bad if consumed within limits. Fast food often gets a bad rep for being high in fat, calories etc but its obvious appeal is mouth watering and can be a good profitable business today.

My next blog will take you on a roadmap of how to start a successful Fast food business. After all, it’s a $630bn industry.