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Simple Acts of Love – (Part 2)

A marriage is never a one man show but it is always about two people. In my previous article simple acts of love, we talked a few examples of love shown in different ways by a husband. I understand, a lot many wondered how about the wife’s actions of love?

As I said, celebrating love need no specific days. When you love someone it could be any day or any moment to express it. Especially when you are married, those three words is expressed through various actions. So what are those actions of a wife that speaks volumes of her love to her husband?

Gentlemen, here are some actions of your wife, that says you mean the world to her.

1. Let’s begin from the day of marriage! Yes, you guessed that right! Accepting your family as her family and respecting them no matter what.

2. Does not get irritated with some of those annoying habits you may have.

3. Cooking your favorite dish, even though she might not be in the mood to cook.

4. Never talks against you in any insensitive way even in your absence. Sometimes not even with her parents.

5. Runs to finish your errands after finishing all her works because she wants you to rest after you come back home.

6. Takes children out or keeps them engaged so that you can have a peaceful nap on a Sunday

7. Prays for your long and healthy life every day.

8. Keeps track of appointments, medicines, or any other details so that you should not be tensed and feel lost when you need them.

9. Watches the sports and news channels with you, even though her mind might be screaming to grab the remote and hit the channel change button.

10. Treats every friend or relative of yours who visits in a wrong time with compassion and respect.

11. When you are sick, she becomes your mother rather than a wife.

12. Goes to shopping to buy a huge list of her favorite choices and comes back home with a pair of shirts for you, goggles that you had an eye, and few other stuff you had in mind to buy for yourself.

13. Waits to eat dinner with you sometimes even though it’s long past the dinner time.

14. She always discusses her problems and asks for your suggestion in everything she does. Not because she is weak in making a decision but what you think matters to her.

Do I need to say more? I am sure your mind must be reminding you so many other innumerable things that she does/did. Most women multitask and may find less time. They may/may not do all the above-mentioned things. However, each woman is different. Again I repeat, every day is a valentine’s day. Make the best of small things and enjoy life.

Please comment below if I have missed out on anything you do for your man and if you have missed part 1, read here.

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