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Simple Acts of Love

Love is in the air, it’s valentine’s day week/month after all. But, let us accept the truth that after many years of marriage, celebrating valentine’s day is down the list of priorities. You had a hard day/month but secretly kept hoping that your husband walks inside the house in the evening with a surprise gift in hand. But, when he walks in the door you are disappointed to see nothing in his hands. The mercury level in the thermometer of your mood just drops down drastically and it changes to “my husband does not love me anymore the same way”. Does that sound familiar?

We all know that is not true, however, it is the peer pressure of the retailers and young lovers showing a public display of love that might make a couple feel weak at certain times. We have the Bollywood to thank that for. There are so many ways to which our spouses show us how much they love us. Happiness is in simple acts we do or someone does for us.

Ladies, here are a few evidence that talks about love in volumes from your husband.

  1. Doing the dishes late night after returning from work because he knows that you had a hard day too.

  2. Getting up in the middle of the night to rock the baby, because you have been at it all day.

  3. Filling up with an entire tank of fuel in your car/two wheeler, so that you should not find any difficulty in driving.

  4. Watching your favorite TV shows even though he may hate it.

  5. Planning a holiday of your favorite destination, because seeing you happy is what makes him happy.

  6. Preparing a cup of coffee or tea, when you need it and without you asking for it.

  7. Giving you the last bite so that you can have the delicious last taste.

  8. Of course, he is the best shopping companion you can think of. Ever thought why is that?

  9. Listens and shares his opinions on all the things you like to talk about.

  10. Calling you in the middle of a working day without a reason.

Do I still need to say more? There might be some more that you would like to add to the list because every man is different. Most may not do all the above, yet there could be different things. In the busy life, small things go unnoticed and when expectations grow bigger it only leads to disappointments. We do not need a specific day to celebrate love, do we? Every day is a valentine’s day. Make the best of small things and enjoy life.

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